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Power up your JDK

Collection interfaces that are truly powerful, push data into powerful Streams that handle errors and execute asynchronously or in parallel. Build powerful, scalable, reliable applications with JDK compatible types. Start today

Latest 1.x production release

compile 'com.aol.simplereact:cyclops-react:1.0.5'

Latest 2.x milestone release (relatively stable, next gen implementation)

compile 'com.aol.simplereact:cyclops-react:2.0.0-RC1'

Latest Articles

The world is your oyster

We focus on interoperability, you are not limited to one library. Leverage the power of the awesome Java 8 eco-system to build your applications faster and better

A comprehensive functional reactive platform for Java 8

Functional meets reactive.

cyclops-react provides advanced sequential and multi-threaded streaming, functional control structures & collection extensions.

build robust, performant & scalable asynchronous systems

Case study 1 : Large scale forecasting system

AOL needed to process billions of advertising records to provide accurate and fast forecasts for online ad campaigns, cyclops-react was used to simplify the development of highly concurrent, distributed components

Watch the related screencast 'Reactive Programming at Scale' in which Paul Downey a Technical Director of engineering at AOL Platforms, and John McClean author of cyclops-react explain how cyclops-react was used in building the indexing component of AOL Platforms demand side forecasting platform.

Case study 2 : Faster loading of files

Users have found significant performance boosts by adopting Future Streams for loading files from disk

Case study 3 : Implementing Haskell-based algorithms in Java

Sebastian Millies wanted to implement an algorithm for deterministic and non-deterministic finite state machines as describe by Mike MacHenry in Java. cyclops-react provided abstractions to make it possible to convert a very high-level Haskell algorithm to plain old Java.

Case study 4 : Converting advanced Scala to Java with cyclops-react and Javaslang

A user wanted to program in Scala style as described in The Neophytes Guide to Scala using Javaslang and cyclops-react, by leveraging the cyclops-Javaslang module and powerful cyclops-react for-comprehensions the user was able convert an advanced Scala style of programming to easy to understand Java as is.