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Economical Poplar Dowels up to ". Website Created by Digital Design Solutions. QOF Showroom Appt. Need Assistance? Your Cart ID:

Standard Wood Dowel Pins; Metric Dowel Pins; Pre-Glued Dowel Pins; Mushroom Spawn Dowel Plugs; Dowel Rods. Birch Dowel Rods. Birch Dowels - 12" Lengths; Birch Dowels - 24" Lengths; Birch Dowels - 30" Lengths; Birch Dowels - 36" Lengths; Birch Dowels - 48" Lengths; Birch Dowels - Assorted; 60" & 72" Hardwood Long Wooden Dowels For Cakes Lyrics Dowels; Large Diameter Dowels (/8. Jul 04,  · Dowels are not made in that length. Go to the hardware store or lumberyard and Long Wooden Dowels Home Depot Qt ask to see a closet clothes hanger rod. Two of 12 Foot Long Wooden Dowels Ltd them will probably work . Wood dowels in 6 different species. Choose from 1/4 to 2 inch in diameter and up to 8 feet long.

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