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What are our dowels used for? It is a cost-effective value-add upgrade for customers, creating a product that will last virtually forever. Bocote Stock photo is a representation of color and grain with a smooth surface. About the hardwood we 12 foot long wooden dowels ltd into Poplar Dowels. This can be done easily with your band saw and a pair of pliers to hold the dowel safely. Micromotor Rotary tool shop all.

QOF Showroom Appt. Scheduler Job List. My Shopping Cart. Shipping Estimate. To estimate shipping charges, place items in the cart and enter your ZIP code below. Hardwood Dowel Rod. Red Oak. Sawtooth Picture Hangers are sold "Per Bag of Discounts will follow the pricing table. Wish Lists you can share, Faster Ordering and More!

Some great features to make shopping easier. Epoxy Resin Art Supplies View all. Scroll Saw Home View all. Hardware - Assemble It View all. Wall Hanging Hardware View all. Woodworking Patterns View all. Economical Poplar Dowels up to ". Poplar Dowels in Lengths up to 12 feet Poplar is the lowest cost USA sourced and made hardwood for dowels and most reliable for longer lengths.

Contact Us for a custom length up to 12 feet long. We always quote on sizes above 48" as there can be variability based on the input raw materials. What Customers say. Priced From To. Poplar Wood Dowels 1" x 36" Box of 75 Average rating:. Pick a Size, Species, Quantity of Dowels. Birch Dowel Rods. Cherry Dowels. By kiln drying your posts before they are treated, we significantly increase the life of your project. Kiln drying pulls excess moisture from the post or pole allowing the pressure treatment to fully penetrate the wood.

Contact us online to ask about pre-drying poles. Get the most life from your poles and pilings with our amazing poly wood coating, a protective polymer coating engineered for use on wood. The special poly wood coating bonds to wood creating a protective barrier that is impenetrable by marine borers or termites. Engineers and contractors offer poly coated wood to set them apart as offering a product no one else can offer. It is a cost-effective value-add upgrade for customers, creating a product that will last virtually forever.

A fence built using treated posts zone coated with poly coated wood will NOT rot at the ground line. Gun Barrel pilings are solid uniform diameter pilings and poles available in lengths up to 52 feet. Gun Barrel pilings and poles are used as construction pilings, poles, and columns in applications where structural integrity and aesthetics are important. Gun Barrel pilings make impressive columns, are structurally superior to comparably sized square timbers, and are available in lengths up to 52 feet.

They can be used treated or untreated, depending on your project. Learn more about Gun Barrel poles. Call our experienced product consultants at to discuss posts and poles for your project.

Contact us online. Utility companies benefit from the amazing polymer coating with savings of labor and materials costs. The benefits of poly coated poles for a utility company are simple. Call or contact us online to discuss how the poly wood coating can make your project pole or posts last longer. The SnapJacket piling replacement system permanently eliminates wood-boring creatures and turns your weakened wood piling into a stronger cement one.

Available in 10, 12, 14, and inch diameters, the SnapJacket will fit around most marine piles. It is recommend you choose a piling repair jacket that has at least an inch and a half of annular space all the way around the pile. EcoPile vinyl pilings eliminates the hassle of having to constantly replace pilings weakened by weathering, fungal, and wood-boring.

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