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Undermount Drawer Slides. Blum TANDEM Plus BLUMOTION Soft Close Drawer Slide Kit – Full Extension. Open a drawer equipped with Blum Tandem Plus Blumotion slides, and by the time it's closed, you'll be won over. Review: 5 stars out of 5. () | Q&A (88). Item #. GRP_1. Skip to the end of the images gallery. Blum TANDEM plus BLUMOTION Drawer Slide Kit – Full Extension with BLUMOTION Soft Close. Good, strong drawer slides. Used these for my drop down fridge slide. Images in this review. 15 people found this helpful.  One warning: Always pull the slides out to the full extension or they may start to jam up. Ran into this with one of my drawers and sent an email to the support folks at the manufacturer. they replied: "After repeated cycles, if the slides are NOT pulled out to full extension, the ball strips will migrate. The only way to reset them is to pull the sliding assembly out to full extension to reset the ball strips. It may be a little difficult but that’s okay. You will have to force the sliding assembly to slip thru the ball strips to full extension." Resetting the ball strips took more. Full extension drawer slides as referred to in this tutorial are. Side mount. Usually silver metal in color. Full extend from the cabinet so the entire drawer slides out of the cabinet. Smooth ball bearing glide. Most common drawer slide at hardware stores and online. Usually come in even sizes (10", 12", 14" etc). Can be "heavy duty" meaning can hold heavy loads. Can be used for purposes beyond drawers (extending tables, sliding furniture, pullout hook bars etc). Video of Installing Drawer Slides. In this video, I walk your though my method as I install a drawer in my.

This is a type of drawer slide that uses ball bearings and a 3-piece rail system for extra extension. You can pick these up at any home store, at various lengths. I also use small strips of wood and diagonal cutters to make a simple gauge I use to make sure 12 full extension drawer slides pdf slides are installed the exact length from a given reference point. For this guide, that point will be the under-surface of the desktop.

Then make you a pencil mark. Assuming the bottom of your drawer is flush with the bottom of the drawer face, this mark will be the bottom of the drawer and the bottom of the full extension drawer slide.

So this will also be where to clamp the Kreg jig. I do this on one side, then I make the wooden gauge I mentioned earlier. I just take a small strip of shim, and using diagonals I cut it to length until it sits in place:.

And using this gauge I can now clamp in place the other jig on the other side. No need to mark, the gauge sets the elevation perfectly. Push this lever and continue extending and pull the small section completely out.

This allows space for the drawer face:. Then while holding it 12 full extension drawer slides pdf in place, extend the slide until 12 full extension drawer slides pdf mounting holes you want to use are revealed.

Mark these holes with a sharp pencil. Do this on both sides. Then remove the slides and the jigs, and drill some pilot holes to take the mounting screws.

You can now use the screws that came with the drawer slides and mount the large section in the cabinet. Then 12 full extension drawer slides pdf holes and mounting the other section of the slide to the sides of the drawer. Most of the jig will be extruding out from the face of the cabinet:. Partially extend them out in preparation for setting the drawer in place:. Now carefully set the drawer on to the Kreg jigs. Be very careful not to bump them hard enough to shift them 12 full extension drawer slides pdf of place.

They work really well together, and they hold very firmly. Another cool feature with these clamps is their large clamp faces. When clamped tightly on wood, this reduces the chance of the clamps marring the material. Make sure 12 full extension drawer slides pdf drawer slides are extended out and touching the back of the drawer face.

Then holding the drawer down against the Kreg jig, mark one hole of the slide on 12 full extension drawer slides pdf side of the drawer, with a sharp pencil. You will mark the back hole over at the workbench, making sure the slide is perfectly in line.

So with the front holes marked on each side of the drawer, take the drawer back over to your workbench. You can also now remove the Kreg jigs from the cabinet. Set your slide in place and screw in the front screw at this pilot hole.

Once this first screw is in place, measure the distance from the top of the drawer to the top of the slide. Be sure to do this right at the point where you installed the first screw. Now lift the back of the slide up so the measurements match, and mark the back hole.

Then you can make your pilot hole and install the back screw. Now repeat these steps on the other side of the drawer, and it will then be ready to install. Now slide the drawer into the cabinet. Be sure to align the slides up just right. This could damage the drawer slide, so be careful and insert it properly the first time. Sign up below for content like this and free plans send directly to your inbox.

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Extra Heavy-Duty Full-Extension Lock-in & Lock-out Drawer Slide The is designed for use wherever extra strength, durability, and automatic slide lock-in and lock-out features are needed such as vehicle, industrial, or commercial large storage drawer applications. Customer Service: 5 Drawer Slides Quick Reference Guide (continued) Slide Type Extension Disconnect Type Open/Close Features Mounting. Centerline Series Heavy Duty Full Extension Slide Before installing the slides, separate the cabinet and drawer members. Note that the release trigger moves downward on the left hand slide, and upward on the right hand slide. Note: First hole on cabinet member is 35mm from front edge of slide. Install Cabinet Members First: 1.

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