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All you need to achieve this is to simply pull the lever then slide the jaw back or forth. Jaw Width 4". It comes with a ductile iron body that is 3X more durable than cast iron Vises. Sjobergs - Smart Workstation Pro. WoodRiver - 9" Quick Release Vise. Prev 10 Inch Woodworking Vise Quote 1 2 3 Next.

An extra set of hands is always a plus when working in the woodshop. Woodcraft has vises for attachment to a workbench or for use as a standalone or bench top clamping tool. Vise accessories are also available to make your current vise do more tasks.5/5. Woodtek 12 Inch Quick Release Bench 12 Inch Woodworking Vise Form Vise Woodtek Woodworking bench vice Woodworking bench vise WOODTEKreg 12 QUICK RELEASE BENCH VISE JAWS ADJUST QUICKLY FROM LARGE TO SMALL PIECES FOR FASTER SETUP Exotic Used Woodworking Vise For Sale 71 Wood Good Woodworking Vise Journal Veneer South Africa : WOODTEK® 12" QUICK RELEASE BENCH VISE.

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