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Contact Us Now. Ebony Macassar. Elm Burl. Sold Out. Backing Wood on Wood. What is wood veneer made from? Some high end furniture or cabinet venefr 0.

Find a Store. My Account. My Cart. Go to Home Page. Mobile Navigation. Same Day Shipping Find a Store. Search Go. Brand Sauers. Woodcraft Woodshop. Featured Clearance. Product Veneer. Species Maple. Oak Red. Oak White. Maple Birds Eye. Ash Burl. Walnut Burl. Cedar Spanish. Maple Burl. Mappa Burl. All of our 1. We are happy to provide any advice to trade and domestic customers, with our onsite processing ensuring the highest quality standards.

Constructional Wood Veneer Description A light cream colour, yellowish through to a brown. Sometimes a pinkish tinge occurs. Such a wide range of u Constructional Wood Veneer Description This is a sliced veneer and is greyish to brownish-black with well-defined growth pattern.

Smooth textured s Constructional Wood Veneer Description A warm reddish coloured veneer which has been used in domestic furniture production for many years. The Quar Constructional Wood Veneer Description The heart wood is a cream to pale tan colour.

It is sliced to produce the crown and straight grained veneer Constructional Wood Veneer Description The wood is a creamy white with a reddish tinge, sometimes with a dark brown heart. The texture is even, fin Constructional Wood Veneer Description Some Teak is coming from plantations in India but this tends to have more knots than that of Asia.

So much h It sometimes contains a black deposit in the grain and also Overview Dyed wood veneers are an ideal and unique material for building your own construction element for a wide range of end-use areas.

The venee Constructional Wood Veneer Description The ever popular Pippy or Knotty Oak is perfect if looking to give that rustic feel to a project. Its light The natural veneer is taken and then goes through a secondary smoking process. The Eucalyptus veneer Available in 1mm thickness, please select sheet size from above. Please be awar Constructional Wood Veneer Description The heartwood is usually creamy-white to grey in colour, sometimes very pale brown.

In certain logs you also We've spent many years travelling the world in search of beautiful wood veneer products, giving us an industry-leading knowledge of wood veneer species.

Our products offer the perfect levels of sustainability and quality. Burls, swirls and figured veneers, from a wide variety of species, are all available from The Wood Veneer Hub.

We depend entirely on Natural resources. With that in mind working with wood veneer means we are selective in our log procurement.

Today with advance cutting techniques we can utilise much more of a veneer log thus preserving one of the worlds most valuable natural resources.

Wood veneers are a perfect way to create a decorative surface without the high costs and movement of solid wood. There are a vast range of products and looks to choose from meaning there is usually something available for any project or preference. Different wood veneer products require various processes so please get in contact if you need further assistance in how to apply your wood veneer.

There all are different types of wood veneers for various projects so please get in contact so we can help with your specific needs. Wood veneer can most certainly be stained and finished. Thick Grey Dark Mahogany Wood Veneer White Edgebanding. Thick Oak Veneer. Thick Teak Veneer. Thick Grey Veneer. Thick Maple Veneer. Thick Woven Veneer. End Grain Veneer Rolls. Thick Oak Edge Banding. Thick Sapele Edge Banding.

Thick Recon Veneer. Thick Wave Veneer Plywood. Thick Walnut Veneer. Thick Hickory Veneer. When you buy wood veneer from suppliers locally, most Mahogany Crotch Wood Veneer 03 supplies are Mahogany Crotch Wood Veneer Gloves 0. When it comes to extra thick wood veneer, you have to consider buying from China veneer suppliers. If less than 2mm thickness of wood veneers, we can make slice cut with a length of mm and up.

Over wood veneer door and veneer furniture factories buy our thick wood veneer sheets or rolls. For high-end veneer door, furniture, cabinets, and wall background covering. Extra 2mm to 4mm thick wood veneer, 0. One-stop shopping wood veneer supplier from China. Providing you good quality thick wood veneers with competitive prices. Especially, thick oak veneer, thick walnut veneer, thick teak veneer, thick edge banding veneer rolls. Download PDF : 15 types of awesome wood veneers.

What is thick wood veneer? Compare to standard 0. How many types of thick wood veneer? Almost all the natural wood and reconstituted wood can be sliced or saw cut into thick wood sheets. But the popular are thick oak veneer, thick walnut veneer, thick bamboo veneer, and thick teak veneer. How thick should wood veneer be? We provide thick wood veneers from 0. What is the thick veneer specification? Ideally, the length and width of the thick wood sheet can be customized to any size.

But the common size is the length in mm and up, width in mm and up for natural wood veneers. For the reconstituted veneer, the standard sheet size is xmm. How thick is veneer on plywood? Usually, to save the total costs, veneered plywood factories use 0.

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