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Remember, artwork should be hung well away from fireplaces, radiators, heat registers and spotlights. Sunlight, direct or reflected, contains the full spectrum of light waves. We have framed hundreds of pieces, and understand the importance of this information. Borders and text are removed unless you instruct us otherwise! This frame works well in any interior and any style of print. Bad Cleaning Practices: Never spray water or Windex or anything like it on the glass itself, when the picture is hanging on the wall.
Since , let our years of experience let American Art Make –A- Frame Help YOU! About our frames All of our frames are ready made or individually made to order. Some Examples of Frame Styles. Wide Profile: cross section image: Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD Original Art: Welcome to American Art Make A Frame Art Gallery, featuring the original work of many talented local artists. If you have any questions regarding the pieces, or wish to discuss the possibility of acquiring a photograph, our artists will be happy to advise you. Proper framing of your photographs and art is extremely important. With the use of conservation-quality materials, your framed photographs will have the best chance for long-life. We have framed American Art Make A Frame Rockville Github hundreds of pieces, and understand the importance of this information. Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD (Hours: Mon-Sat Sunday Closed).

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