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Dimensions vary. Maybe some kind of decorative peice. Horn, bone, hoof and antler for handles, scales, spacers and insets. Cattaraugus Handle Materials. The vast bulk of our knife making handle materials are made Gator Scales Knife 3d in the USA.

Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa offers professional knife makers, and knife handle replacement enthusiasts, one of the deepest selections of high quality knife making handle material in the world. We currently offer more than categories of exotic knife handle woods, composites, natural bone handle materials, carbon fiber sheets and knife handle scales, as well as many others. Dec 28,  · Elk antler can make an excellent handle for a full-tang knife. Before answering your question, I would like to tell BLADE readers what to look for when buying elk antlers for handles. Try to buy a “seasoned” rack; otherwise, you will need to store it for a few years before Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa : Steve Shackleford. Jun 12,  · an antler, a knife blade, some nails (or other to drill holes through the blade tail and the handle. at first G10 Knife Scales For Sale i drill the blade holes and than just one Best Band Saw Blade For Knife Making Video of the handle scales. the next step is glueing the handle around the blade tail and let it dry Nice primer on Making Wooden Storage Boxes Zip Code making knife leaves. Thanks! 1 reply 0. kantn MsCenturio. Reply 4 years ago.

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