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Chuck Diameter: 4" Thread Mount: 1"8 tpi. You are bidding on a set of 3 Outside lathe chuck jaws. Thank you! Includes Key. Undoctored condition- No hits or abuse Good serviceable tool No Reserve.

Quality precision Atlas manual and power chucks. 2 jaw, 3-jaw, 2/3 jaw, 4 jaw, and 6-jaw chucks. QCS Workholding LLC Tower Oaks Craftsman Lathe Chuck Key Layer Blvd. Ste. E Houston TX Toll Free () Local () Fax () mailto:workholding@Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa : Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa An Online Pratt Burnerd/Atlas Chuck Distributor. The popular 10" and 12" Atlas and Craftsman metal lathes were equipped with change gears Craftsman Lathe Chuck Key 36 made of cast "ZAMAC". These gears are much softer than steel or cast iron gears, and not nearly as durable. Better quality Craftsman 101 Lathe Chuck Driver change gears are available, but the information. Atlas Manual Lathe Chucks Click on your choice: 3-Jaw Iron Body Value Line Chuck Series A, D, and Flatback Mounting: Atlas 4 Jaw Large Diameter Forged Steel Body Combination Chucks: Atlas Self-Centering Craftsman 12 Lathe Chuck Clip Forged Steel Body Series 3 Jaw Universal Value Line Chucks (D & A Type Mounting).

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