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Auto body dust vacuum systems yu one end of the system are the tools. PVC pipe is usually used because static shock is not a problem and it will not rust Auto Body Dust Vacuum Systems Test if water gets into the piping. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Fleet Services. AutoVac offers dust control solutions that span many industries: aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, woodworking, fiberglass shops, repair and assembly lines including boats and recreational vehicles.

Our central vacuum systems are found in thousands of companies in various industries around the globe. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

These cookies do not store any personal information. Flex Wash. Full Service. Self Service. Fleet Services. Automotive Industry Applications Dustless Sanding AutoVac offers dust control solutions that span many industries: aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, woodworking, fiberglass shops, repair and assembly lines including boats and recreational vehicles.

Car Wash AutoVac offers decades of experience designing, manufacturing, and installing car wash vacuum systems. Consolidated Car Rental Facilities Just as consolidated Car Rental Facilities have become the industry standard in airport car rentals, AutoVac has become the preferred supplier of their central vacuum systems.

New Car Dealerships At AutoVac we understand the importance of keeping your inventory looking its very best, inside and out. AutoVac offers an extensive range of central vacuum systems for the Automotive Industry. Request a Quote. The inlets are usually hung 6. The theory behind this is that the equipment should be out where the technician is doing the work as opposed to on the wall, where he has to walk 10 to 15 feet to plug and unplug his vacuum hose. Eurovac has pendant drops available which consist of a hexagonal box with two inlets, two air outlets, two hose and tool hangers, and an electrical outlet.

Eurovac supplies either a v or v electrical outlet only. The wiring for the electrical outlets must be done locally to meet local codes. The pendant drop can be mounted on a 15 ft articulated swing arm. Usually we put a double-drop between every other bay with a single-drop being added to an odd bay at the end of a pipe run.

This is less expensive than single-drops between every bay because one technician is usually assigned to two bays. We usually put a single-drop outside the prep stations, but inside the curtain. To make the system user friendly, it is important to have air available at Combustible Dust Vacuum Systems Volatility the vacuum inlets so it is easy for the technicians to plug in their vacuum hose and air hose at the same place as outlined in the integrated Air Line section.

For new shops with hanging drops, it is important that the compressed air lines run parallel to the vacuum lines as opposed to along the wall. By having compressed air lines at the drops, hose reels are usually unnecessary. Except for Eurovac II 4-man budget systems and detail systems which use PVC pipe , we use and gauge galvanized Combustible Dust Vacuum Systems Llc metal thin-walled tubing. The fittings have expanded ends that fit over the end of the pipe and heat-shrink tape holds everything in place and assures an airtight seal.

Metal pipe is preferred because static electricity which can cause static shock does not build up in metal pipe. When PVC pipe is used in a dust extraction system, we provide grounding wire for grounding the pipe. It makes a lot of sense to incorporate detail drops with the dust extraction system. A dirty shop may discourage customers from giving you their business and techs from wanting to work at your business. Got that? But even living in L. One such tool contributes to this creation by letting a shop perform dustless sanding.

Advertisement Click Here to Read More Advertisement In the old days, using orbital sanders meant you created your own personal mini-sandstorm. The really tough guys used those sanders without any breathing masks or eye protection. Those brave guys now have iron lungs, a voice like Phyllis Diller and eyesight so lacking in depth perception that the Grand Canyon appears flat. These days, however, sanders can work in conjunction with an included vacuum tube.

When techs sand, any dust that would fly around and make your shop look like the Sahara in motion would instead be contained and sucked into the sander and through a connected tube.

Some shops are discovering that a clean working environment can enhance employee loyalty. Advertisement A clean shop may also help to entice potential new hires. Depending on how lawsuit-happy your region is — and if you live in America, you live in a lawsuit-happy region — a dustless sander also may prevent a civil action from being taken against you. Nothing kills a retirement savings faster than being sued by a former tech who developed a breathing ailment after years of working in your shop.

Even if techs wear breathing masks while sanding the traditional way, the dust particles remain in the air after the job is done and the mask is off. Advertisement This magazine has published numerous articles on how dust can prevent a good paint job.

The less dust left behind after a sanding job means fewer problems in the paint department. If the work area of your shop is visible to customers, dustless vacuum systems may prevent them from seeing a dirty shop. Do they even work in this place?

How Does It Suck? Most of these dustless sanding systems have a vacuum producer, a system for filtration, pipe and vacuum hoses, and tools. Each of these has its own role and variations, and the size and productivity of your shop is certainly a critical factor in determining the best combination of these components.

These are the orbital or straight-line sander and the hose — the hands-on parts most accessible to the techs. Vacuum-ready tools are said to have a larger vacuum take-off than vacuum assist, which rely on a venturi effect from the compressed air.

This pipe generally hangs from above, and the tube hangs from it.

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