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By continuing to browse, you accept our Privacy Policy. Product cannot be added at this time. Chemical-Resistant Duct and Fittings. Aluminum Gates. Fabricated gates can be made with slip collars, rolled edges for our Clamp Together system or angle ring flanges.

Description. An excellent retrofit to any Abort Gates Dust Collection Online dust collection system, these self-cleaning blast gates have a modified slider that automatically clears chips from the gate track, preventing debris from inhibiting gate closure, which is a common cause of poor Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa : $ 4" Dia. - Automatic Blast Gate (Pneumatic) - Industrial Grade / 24v or v Solenoid $ AUTO BLAST GATES are therefore a system and a device that ensures that your dust collecting system, regardless of its own Abort Gates Dust Collection Temperature efficiency or inefficiency, is at least in use at the point of creating the dust.

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