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Skip directly to site content Skip directly Horizontal Band Saw Guarding Question to page options Skip directly to A-Z link. Ensure the blade is positioned properly on track. Band saw guarding requirements mac prev next. Guards shall be aligned with the wheel Band Saw Guarding Requirements 50 and the strength of fastenings shall be greater than the gurding of the guard. You will be subject to the destination website's privacy policy when you follow the link. Stand firmly at the band saw to prevent accidentally tripping erquirements the moving blade.

Section Navigation. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Syndicate. Woodworking Machinery Saws. Minus Related Pages. Optional Information. The lower guard may be removed only when the saw is used for bevel cuts;.

Rotation direction and an indication of the end of the saw to be used shall be conspicuously marked on the hood. Where the operator must stand in front of the safety guard opening, the safety guard shall be adjustable or have an adjustable tongue or piece at the top of the opening. The safety guard or the tongue shall be adjusted so that they are always close to the periphery of the wheel. Guards shall be aligned with the wheel and the strength of fastenings shall be greater than the strength of the guard.

When the work entirely covers the side of the wheel, the side covers of the guard may be removed. Work rests shall be rigidly constructed and adjustable for wheel wear. Band saws use Band Saw Guarding Requirements Zero a powered and rotating continuous metal blade to make even and precise cuts on metal, wood, and other objects.

Because the moving blade has cutting teeth, serious injury and even death can occur if you use a band saw incorrectly. Get training on safe band saw use. Always wear safety glasses when you use a band saw. They protect your sight in case pieces of stock fly off or the saw blade breaks and injures your eye. Tie back your Horizontal Band Saw Guarding Keys hair, remove jewelry, and wear fitted clothing so that you do not get caught by or pulled into the moving blade.

Before you do any maintenance work, turn the band saw off and wait for it to come to complete stop. If the band saw needs repair, unplug it and take it out of service until it is safe to use. During inspection and maintenance work, ensure that the blocks and wheels are adjusted properly and the blade is in good condition.

Set blade tension within manufacturer standards.

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