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To choose a bandsaw blade, first start with what you are cutting, Wood or Metal? Power Tool Tune-up and Set-up. Bandsaw Blade Education. Contact Us Advertise With Us. Skip to main content.

The factory-installed blade is also highly unimpressive; switching it out is worth the cost. The 9-inch SKIL is our pick for the best band saw for the money, but we want to be clear about why.

This pick is about value, and for us, anything that opens DIY and woodworking to more people has value. The working light, rip fence, and miter gauge are more than functional. Its volt, 2. Again, not amazing, but perfectly usable.

The main thing that makes the feel cheap is its shaky construction. This is true of both the body and the smaller components: the drive belt and blade guide, in particular, deteriorate fast. This saw is in the middle of the price range on this list: squarely affordable, but definitely not cheap. Extra features include a powerful worklight, and rubber bumpers that help it withstand hits.

On an article about budget band saws? We want them to feel included. In all seriousness, the Gryphon AquaSaw is a strong option for those of you willing to pay mid-range prices for a band saw. To make it even more resistant to wear and tear, the AquaSaw has fewer moving parts than almost any band saw on the market. On the whole, however, the rather narrow intended use of the Gryphon AquaSaw makes it hard to recommend above 5. And there are other drawbacks: the blade calibration is way off, and the blade guides are placed such that larger workpieces hide them from view entirely.

We understand that not everybody will resonate with one of the five band saws on this list. We want to be absolutely sure, though, that you leave this article with the knowledge you need to buy the perfect budget-friendly band saw. Read it over, then keep it on hand! This is the first thing you should think about.

Reference or draw up materials lists for all your planned projects, along with any pipe-dream projects you might take on in the future. This is where carpenters shopping for band saws on a budget run into the most trouble since less expensive band saws often have small, restrictive cutting capacities.

Band saws are constantly under stress. They hold their blades straight by balancing tension between the saw and its frame. Both the body of the saw and the saw itself have to be made of superior materials in order to take that weight. The best way to find out if a band saw will fracture in the first six months is to talk to people who have used it, or read online reviews. However, the material used to make the body is a good indicator of quality — or an early warning sign.

Not only does the aforementioned pressure wear them out fast, but different tooth counts and blade materials are best for cutting different things. The best band saws make it as easy as possible to change your blade out. What does the number of speed settings affect? It is clear that our winner is the Wen , this is down to its great features and price all combined. Runner-up the Rikon is a decent saw that will get the job done at a decent price.

We hope that this article has helped you along your journey in buying the perfect band saw and that you find one that suits all your needs. Adam Harris Last updated: October 10, Check Latest Price. Spacious work table Reasonably powerful motor Two speed settings Cuts are always straight Removable stand makes it more portable. Compact and light Excellent construction Good cutting capacity Efficient dust collector Easy to change blades.

Bad default blade More expensive than our 1 pick No stand Weak motor. Cheapest band saw available Easy to adjust Great extras. Flimsy Too light Small dust port. Powerful motor Wide cutting capacity Easy to carry around Great at absorbing shocks Relatively low price. Bad choice for beginners Needs to be plugged in Substandard factory blade. Resistant to corrosion Perfect for cutting unconventional materials Simple design.

Relatively expensive Wonky blade calibration Guides are useless Meant for coral, not wood. Frame Types Cast iron frames are great at standing up to a lot of pressure over a long period of time. The trade-off is that iron frames are both heavier and more expensive.

Larger saws usually can handle thicker Band Saw Tpi For Wood Ultra and wider blades with no issues. Blades come primarily in the four tooth configurations shown above. And the number of teeth per inch tpi matters as well, because larger gullets the space between teeth allow for better debris removal; but more closely spaced teeth deliver a smoother cut. Build a storage rack for your blades. Bandsaw blades have a set to their teeth tips alternately pointing left and right to allow clearance for the blade body rather than it rubbing the wood, creating friction.

That process can take 15—30 minutes, depending on your saw. So we understand that you might not want to do that very often. We get it, change is hard. So, is there a combo-blade equivalent for bandsaws? When I find a woodworking plan I like well enough to graduate it to the workshop, I laminate a Skip to main content. How to Choose Bandsaw Blades. Make your bandsaw perform like a champ by using the correct blade for each task.

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