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About Us. So if you are replacing the original blade. All our blades are made in our Leeds factory in the UK, but we ship all over the world with the exception of a few countries - see details. Scalloped Edge — Custom Length. Whether you need to cut wood , metal , meat and fish , or foam we have the blade to suit your machine. Morse delivers exception performance and the most cuts per blade in the market.

As a leading UK supplier of M K Morse Band Saw Blades can supply any size and type of Morse Blade to fit any machine for cutting wood, metal and plastic cannot find the right blade just e-mail sales@Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa : We are a leading UK supplier for M K Morse and MPS Sägen wood and metal cutting blades. This enables us to offer our customers an extensive range of both wood and metal cutting Band Saw and Curricular saw blades, along with a full Bandsaw Blades For Wood Cutting Table range of M K Morse Hole saw and MPS Jigaw, Airsaw and Reciprocating Saw Blades.

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