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Baseball Bat Blanks. Create your own custom hard maple, or ash wood baseball bat with the baseball bat dowels available Make A Frame For A Bathroom Mirror Control from Keim Lumber in our Wood Shed. These baseball bat dowels are ideal for turning on lathes available at Keim Turning Baseball Bat Blanks Key Lumber. Return to Exotic Wood. Page 1 of 1. Ash Split Billet Select - " x 37". Keim Lumber. SKU: $ Ash Split Billet Economy - " x 37". Keim Lumber. SKU: $ Hard Maple Split Billet Prime - " x 37". These are Prime grade northern white ash billets with the dimensions of 37" x ". "A grade" billets will be free of drying defects such as: knots, checks, cracks, splits, or honeycombing and will come with at least 20” of straight grain. Discoloration is not a defect. These are hand-split billets suitable for pro bats and all other levels of play.

Wood Baseball Bats and Billets. Ash - Birch - Hickory - Maple - Red Oak Bob@www.Woodwork Project For 8 Year Custom Bats are Our Specialty: Just send us your favorite bat and we will make an exact copy of it. (NO SET-UP FEES) Save your broken bats: Broken bats will work as patterns as long as they are complete, still in 1 piece and not broken Turning Baseball Bat Blanks Of too badly. All of our unfinished wood bats are made from A-Grade billets and are sanded, boned, and have full barrels with the option to upgrade to prime grade maple with an ink dot. Oh, the variety! Ash, Beech, Birch, Maple and Bamboo. Softball, Baseball, Youth, Trophy, Fungo and HD (High Density). Ash Baseball Bats. One in every Baseball Bat Blanks Hickory 200 for MLB players choose ash bats for their increased flexibility. Ash baseball bats are far more forgiving than their Maple counterparts, which means you rarely see multi-piece fractures when the bat breaks. These bats are usually lighter than other wood species and is the original big league wood species.

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