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Please leave it to this unique mortising machine since it has an incomparable swiveling base feature. For the occasional use that it gets it is a good mortiser. Have a look at this affordable yet efficient mate of every woodworker. It also protects the tool from getting damaged. This unit offers reliability from its full metal copper motor, with nested wind plates ideal for removing wood chips while the rear end helps make the drilling smoother. Woodtek 1HP Benchtop Mortiser. A well built mortising machine that gives precision positioning to your drill works.

–Minuses: This machine stalled when mortising 3/8" and larger mortises in hard maple, but handled red oak, ash, and pine just fine. The Powermatic Benchtop Mortising Machine Market included chisels and bits left mortise sidewalls more ragged than most other models and heated up quickly, turning blue. G 1/2 HP Benchtop Mortising Machine The G 1/2 HP Benchtop Mortising Machine was awarded as Top Value by Wood Magazine for its combination of features including the rack-and-pinion fence, six-position handle and riser block that added /4" stroke to the column/5(16). King of benchtop mortisers is a rugged, high-quality machine with all the features found in the best mortisers made, but with none of their faults, the super heavy-duty fence and hold down eliminate unwanted wood movement and sticking chisels (an all too 3/5(2).

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