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If you really fine tune your bandsaw as shown above and you used a proper feed rate to feed the stock through the rexawing, all the pieces will come out very straight with a smooth surface. We have seen all about how you can effectively choose a top-quality bandsaw blade according to your needs. I order this blade from BandSawBladesDirect. Business and Management. Check it out at Amazon.

And for me, a smaller blade at high tension cuts better, especially resawing, than a wider blade at less tension — at least for non-carbide blades. Is tensioning this blade at all an issue? Chris I hope you let folks know that the carbide tipped blades are wonderful for dry lumber. If they are cutting wet wood like logs etc. They need a different blade all together. I need to start sharpening them.

Oh, and ignore that other, um, person and keep writing. We know and love what you are doing, those of us with brains anyway. How can a seemingly innocuous article in a woodworking magazine prompt such an acrimonious outburst as that. And you say you have to put up with much more of this rubbish from other sources all the time!? Could I suggest you forward his comments to a suitable psychiatric publication?

Thanks Chris Regards. The logic of buying better was driven home for me years ago. The manufacturer of Fram filters had an advertisement line that went: You can pay me now, or pay them later.

It pays to buy quality, and when possible, locally and from cottage businesses. So, where does one go to have a broken band saw blade welded? By Christopher Schwarz. So I baby these two machines. But they have three advantages: 1. They cut much faster than regular steel blades. They leave a finish that rivals that of a table saw, even when resawing. Product Recommendations. Chris is the former editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine.

He continues to blog and publish woodworking books at Lost Art Press. He's a hand-tool enthusiast though he uses power tools, too. Look into Wix filters. Adam May 18, Suffolk Machinery has something to say about tensioning that makes sense to me.

I found the secret of the bandsaw was a sharp blade and slow feed. If you need veneers for your cabinet making projects, you can use your bandsaw to resaw them off any suitable thick stock of wood at your disposal.

Now that you know what resawing is all about, here are the tips and techniques to help you work with your bandsaw to produce the best resawn lumber ever.

Resawing involves cutting through very thick lumber. As the blade passes through the wood, the blade tooth shaves off enormous amount of saw dust which goes into the gullet or the space between two teeths of the blade. Once that gullet fills up, the sharp end of the teeth will no longer make contact with the wood, which in turn will prevent the blade from cutting further until the area inside the wood has cleared the stock.

Any blade with about 3 teeths per inch have gullets that are large enough to accommodate much sawdust before exiting the stock. So, when choosing a blade for resawing thick lumber, make sure that it has a minimum of 3 teeths per inch to be able to cut the stock efficiently.

The width of the blade is also very important when it comes to resawing. In principle, the wider the bandsaw blade, the better it is for resawing due to its higher beam strength and better capacity to maintain a straight line through the cut.

However, you want to make sure that the blade you choose is suitable for use on your bandsaw. When installing it, make sure the lateral guides and thrust bearings are opened u and backed off both above and below the bandsaw table so that they do not make contact with the blade. For safety, make sure the saw is unplugged, and then crank on some tension on the blade. With your index finger, carefully give the blade a sharp sideways poke about halfway between the upper and lower wheels of the saw.

When you do this, the blade will deflect a short distance and return. Crank it again and poke it sideways again and watch how far it deflects. Repeat until it quits deflecting easily when you poke it sideways.

Proper tensioning like this will help you get the best results when you start resawing with the blade. The next step is to adjust the blade guides. To do this, close the wheel covers without bringing the lateral guides and thrust bearings up close to the blade. Remember, the ultimate goal is to make a clean cut and clear the dust and chips as efficiently as possible. To do that, you need deep gullets and fewer teeth.

While more teeth may produce a cleaner cut at first, it tends to keep more dust and chips in the kerf which eventually leads to more friction, more heat, and a strained motor. Another thing I recommend is that you actually USE that stock blade. The reason is for your own knowledge and experience as a woodworker.

But I believe that tendency robs us of an opportunity to learn the difference between good quality and bad. The stock Best Bandsaw Blades For Woodworking Uk blades do cut pretty well for a while, but quickly dull and become fairly useless in most cases. You will also learn how to recognize when a blade is dull.

Even if you only get a month or two out of it, you are still ahead of the game. More importantly, when you spend good money on a premium blade, you will have first-hand knowledge and experience that will go a long way in helping you justify spending the extra dough.

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