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The jaw placement is perfect for either horizontal or vertical placement of your material. Only a handful of gun vises are designed to be used as shooting rests. Features such as swivel bases bdnch best bench vise gunsmithing 63 jaws seem to be standard issue, while other makers are still leaving them off the smaller or the more reasonably priced bench vises. Made from cast iron, this Happybuy vise has as much strength and function as you would best bench vise gunsmithing 63 from a vise that you paid double even triple for. It doesn't take long to realise that the bottom of the vise is super reinforced and this helps bring behch feeling of strength and security when you are working which is always best.

The rear locking section ensures your gun is held in place and allows work with a steady hand on a steady gun. What I love about it is the tool and work points on the bottom. The entire bottom of the gun vise is divided into sections.

This allows you to stow tools, small pins, and parts, and work with the utmost convenience. This little addition makes life much easier once you start diving deep into the insides of your gun. From ARs to shotguns it can do it all. This is a simple, sturdy, and durable gun vise that can fit almost any kind of gun. The assembly of this gun vise is easy and you can set it up quickly on your workbench.

Most of all, this is a stable and highly adjustable vise made from heavy duty steel, which adds to its durability. The font V of the vise is also ideal for scope installation or sight adjustment. Of the above three gun vises, the Tipton Best Gun Vise scores over the rest in terms of functionality, looks, and price.

It is a sturdy and good looking vise that is easy to set-up for cleaning all kinds of guns, from handguns to shotguns and rifles. The excellent build quality and the material used for the construction of the vise will last for years with regular use. The resulting setup will prevent the vise from moving even under decent recoil. All in all, this heavy-duty vise tool is a great pick for gunsmiths who like to Best Choice Bench Vise Office modify all aspects of their firearms.

Once more, Tipton impresses with another high-quality gun vise, although this vise is built for different needs than their previous two offerings. This gives it decent durability without driving the cost up too high. As a result, this vise is another solid choice for firearm enthusiasts on a budget. The vise comes pre-constructed, as everything is part of the same piece of material. It features an articulating rear clamp that can let you adjust your maintenance angle whenever you need.

However, this vise is sized for rifles and break-open shotguns alone rather than handguns. The vise also features several internal compartments perfectly sized for storing parts or other materials. These are fairly deep, so you can store several parts before they start to overflow. Finally, the vise has non-marring contact points, so you should feel free to use this vise on regular tables or surfaces other than a machine workbench.

The vise is made with welded tubular steel that keeps the overall weight down while ensuring durability for a long time to come. The modular design of the vise makes it a particularly good choice for moving from workbenches to other surfaces, as you can easily grip it from any number of contact points. The vise has four non-slip feet that can be adjusted as you like.

Most importantly, this vise doubles as a three-shot sighting system. Given the asking price, it should be within reach for most. Most serious gunsmiths or firearm enthusiasts will own a personal vise for cleaning. Being able to properly clean or maintain your firearm without having to hold it with one hand is essential. A vise makes the cleaning process much easier and can let you perform more precise maintenance than you could otherwise.

Only a handful of gun vises are designed to be used as shooting rests. However, only vises that can transform this way should be used as shooting rests. Trying to use a non-transforming vise as a rest can lead to you breaking the vise as your weapon recoils. Be sure to pick a combination vise if this functionality is important to you.

The best gun vise for your needs will fit your chosen weapon. Good hunting out there! You can also see which are the most useful AR tools.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Table of Contents hide. What to Look for in the Perfect Gun Vise. Whereas, the PanaVise is a very serious and technical piece of kit.

It is capable of assisting with various tasks such as soldering, light welding, and grinding. That is what makes the such a versatile vise, it can turn its hand to anything and withstand so much more than is initially evident by its size.

The Grizzly G is the big daddy of work bench vises. At a hefty 19kg weight it is not tiny and its not hard to see where this weight is from. Its cast iron body is built to be immovable when installed. Do not be put off by its weight, as it is not a cumbersome by any means. As mentioned in other reviews, the jaws open to a 5 inch opening, which is a decent size for a bench vise as the average is approximately 4 to 4 and a half inch.

This is a testament to the build quality as the vise is large yet able to move to this size of opening relatively easily and smoothly.

The rotating jaws house flat machined jaws, with excellent pipe jaws underneath. This aspect of the design is amazing. Many vises are now coming with pipe jaws, yet they are more often static, and found underneath the standard jaws.

As these jaws rotate, it allows any piping or tubing work to be situated on top of the vise, above the bench top. This may not seem like a noteworthy point, but having the pipe jaws on top means that any intricate pipe cutting will be a lot simpler as it is in no way obscured.

As with other reviews on Amazon, the Grizzly is an absolute mammoth of a vise. The dual function and rotating jaws with a swivel base are features that you need in a heavy duty vise. It is a substantial vise and it can handle any small, medium or heavy duty work you throw its way. This product Best Forged Steel Bench Vise 30 is built to be big and strong and to weather any storm.

The Wilton R bench vise feels like it should be bigger than it looks. It is a heavy piece of kit and its a great bit of kit at that and when you are using it, the tight grip and locked base give you a warm feeling that your work is in safe hands. This Wilton vise has dual locks for absolute stability.

But the R 's crowning glory is its ability to be reversed. When the jaws are in the normal, standard position they will open to a very respectable 8-inch opening. This ability greatly increases the scope of projects that you can undertake, as the vise can obviously handle much larger work-pieces than many of the other vises available. This vise is the quality that is expected from Best Shop Bench Vise Group a brand like Wilton.

The Wilton R is strong and sturdy and perfect for medium to heavy-duty work. The two anvil areas are perfectly primed for a pounding and are great for metalwork of all shapes and sizes. The reversible jaw feature is great and allows you to work with larger pieces of material than it the norm. The Happybuy 4 inch lockdown vise is a slightly different kettle of fish, but it may be exactly what you are looking for.

The Happybuy is designed for use with a milling machine and it does exactly what you need it to. It has been designed so that the horizontal force when tightened, pushes the jaws downward which helps keep the workpiece in the correct spot with no movement.

Suitable for use for most milling machines, it out-performs similar vises that are over triple its purchase price. A perfect tool for anyone who will be using a milling machine.

Made from cast iron, this Happybuy vise has as much strength and function as you would expect from a vise that you paid double even triple for. Suitable for all millwork, this is a fantastic vise. It is unlike many other bench vises as it has a more singular purpose. It is a great vise for milling and drilling but won't be suitable for all the ad-hoc projects that pop up in the workshop. Bench vises are quite obviously, vises that attach directly to your workbench and hold the workpiece, keeping your hands free to drill, file, sand or plane the piece.

A key tool to have in any workshop. They use adjustable jaws that clamp whatever you are working on together. The jaws are attached to a large main screw that runs through the vise. As you turn the handle, the jaws move further towards each other or further away by moving along the main screw.

The uses for bench vises are practically endless. They are used in workshops and home garages alike and afford people the versatility to tackle whatever project they need. From woodworking to metalwork and even plumbing, bench vises can handle anything. The key is to find a bench vise that suits your needs. For example, mini vises are vital in areas such as jewelry making and electronics are they are great for holding small pieces without marking while you solder the pieces in place.

Using a larger, heavy duty vice in this circumstance runs the risk of not only marring the surface of something delicate but even just breaking it entirely. In these reviews, there are a few companies that can be considered market leaders such as Yost and Wilton, but Yost is a front-runner in the production of the bench vise.

Their vises come in many shapes and sizes and service a range of needs this year in They deliver quality at a price that most people can afford. Yost make well-formed vises that work well with a variety of materials, whether its metal or wood. Features such as swivel bases and pipe jaws seem to be standard issue, while other makers are still leaving them off the smaller or the more reasonably priced bench vises.

A bench vise works by attaching to your workbench. There are two ways this can happen, the first being a clamp on the bench vise. These vises have an adjustable clamp that clamps underneath and above the bench top to keep the vise in place. While this method of attaching a bench vise is easier, it is not universally preferred as it can feel less secure. An upside of this method is that you and move the vise and keep changing its placement on your workbench.

The other method is to fix the vise directly onto the bench top by way of good old nuts and bolts. This is usually preferred as it affords you more security and little to no chance of the vise flying off while you are banging away on a piece of metal. There are also stands and baseplates available, that can increase the height of your vise.

These are especially useful if you are doing detailed work, i. Mini vises are usually installed on a stand as they are primarily being used while seated. Bench vises need to be kept stationary so any tool or tools can be used safely.

As far as tools go, the bench vise may not be something that instantly comes to mind, but it is a very necessary tool. The bench vise may seem like a simple tool, and it is quite possible that you had not intended in putting so much thought into the purchase of one but it is worthwhile.

A bench vise of poor quality and workmanship is only going to lead to problems. A bench vise but also suit your projects and your pockets.

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