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The base is designed to grasp tightly onto your workbench and can provide over pounds of clamping force, making it highly durable and a very best bench vise size test tool to use within the workshop. Available on Amazon, this bench vise is not designed just for casual work, although it is up to you what you use it for. It is so easy to install on your bench, so simple in fact that any idiot could do it. Furthermore, there are brands that are considered bencn leaders best bench vise size test they are the best when it comes to making bench vises. Pros: An inexpensive tool which does all that is described of it Has a strong swivel base Ideal for basic home tasks Cons: Not as smooth as expected 5.

We also liked the non-slip inserts to the jaws that will hold any metal or wood in place at all times. It is a bench vise that is suitable for beginners but also for professionals. The vise is made by a famous company located in the United States, Michigan.

The dimensions are We also liked the fact the base is held in place by two large locks and the anvil polished. It looks beautiful and more expensive than you may believe. The handle is a bit drawback if we consider its strength. In a nutshell, the bench vise we tested is an excellent choice and a smart investment.

It has the straight design of the operating mechanism, which decreases the wear and tear on the spindle and the nut making this vise essential for hardcore applications and usages. The jaw opening is 6 inches, but you also get a Best Choice Bench Vise Office smaller opening for pipes. The base can be rotated by degrees, and the entire vise is made from cast steel. This is a professional model that is suitable for those who are planning to use it all the time.

The clamping force is pounds, which is standard for vises of this caliber. There are no chances that you will encounter any issues regarding clamping power.

The opening of the jaw is 3. We also liked the fact the tested model came with an excellent warranty and customer support. As you may know already, the company has been with us since , and they are some of the best brands in this line of business. The dimensions of the vise are 10 x 8 x 5 inches while the weight is 43 pounds.

The bottom part is the fact this model has all you will need and something even more. It will be an excellent choice for intermediate and professional users.

This is because this is an industrial vise made to be as robust as possible. The main advantage is a steady It makes this one of the most robust models you can get these days. The next best thing is the inserts for the primary jaw, which can be replaced when needed. The base can be secured to any workbench with four bolts, and you are ready to use it.

The size of the vise is 6 inches, which is probably an advantage for most of us. We must add that the base can be rotated for degrees, not the best result but sufficient. The dimensions are 7. The manufacturer has been appreciated for making outdoor tools, equipment, and some of the most desirable vises you can purchase today.

Some people simply must have this vise, and we believe a big part of you are going to share the same opinion. The model is made from cast iron, and it is reliable. The spindle and the nut are both chrome plated so they can withstand any purpose you have on your mind and much more.

The entire vise is durable, immune to corrosion, and looks beautiful. The jaw depth is 2. The vise we tested here is suitable for regular usages and those who need a smooth operation and who need excellent construction, durable, and reliable. We will reveal that on our tests, there were no issues or complications with the jaw, structure, or the spindle. You will probably appreciate the opening and closing process, which is smoother and more appealing than many other models have to offer.

A known company makes the model from the United States located in Washington. The main thing you have to remember about this model is the fact it is made for home projects. This is mandatory simply because the vise is made from hollow cast iron. The vise has As you can see, it is lighter than most similar models. The size of the vise is 5 inches. Besides the facts mentioned above, we also liked the swivel base of degrees, the attention to detail, and the overall simplicity.

If you are looking for a vise for woodworking projects, this is the one. The Irwin company has been with us since , and it are located in Ohio, the United States. All of this means that you get an outstanding warranty and customer support. Once again, we have a vise that is completely different than any others you may have encountered. The vise can be completely rotated for degrees and tilted for 45 degrees.

We liked the rubber pads or bumpers if you prefer, which will make sure there are no damages or traces to the metals and materials you are using. The model in question is made from aluminum, and the weight is 1. In essence, the vise is made for hobbyists and those who need an adjustable vise to use for their creations and developments.

It is small, lightweight, and convenient. The rubber pads make it appealing for those who are working with wood, or softer materials in general. SE is an acronym for Sona Enterprises, and they have been making vises since They are located in the United States, California. The most important thing to pay attention to right now is the section below. We will guide you through the entire process of choosing a bench vise that will make your work easier, safer, and more straightforward.

There are several factors you need to consider before you decide which model is great for you. Those factors are explained below. Jaw depth refers to the opening of the jaws you can obtain from a specific vise. Smaller vises have smaller jaw openings, so they are used for smaller pieces of material, like a thinner wood sheet, for instance. More massive vises have a much bigger opening so they can be used for larger and thicker materials.

This bench vise has a jaw capacity of 0. Even though this is a lightweight bench vise, it is still heavy duty and durable. Why We Liked It — This is the greatest value bench vise for hobbyists as it is compact, fairly lightweight yet heavy-duty enough to withstand all woodwork.

It can be used by both hobbyists and professional workshops that are smaller in size. These bench vises have a solid steel dog in the front jaw opening to make it durable and more stable. This bench vise is designed to be compact and is lightweight compared to other models, making it suitable for use in the home. This bench vise tool has a 7-inch jaw width that can provide the best application and is highly sturdy.

When in use, the outside jaw of these bench vise will drop down as you tighten it which will help seat the workpiece against the back jaw.

This is important for stability making this a great option for even the smallest work surface. A piece of wood can also be attached to the inside of the jaw opening to protect your workpiece. Why We Liked It — This is a great bench vise for medium-duty work as it is durable yet lightweight and has a wide steel jaw for stability. The base has a degree swivel making it highly maneuverable and very precise for your woodwork. It has a crosscut non-slip 4-inch steel jaw width that open up to an incredible 0.

These bench vises are designed to keep your workpieces perfectly still and stable so you can work safely. It is made from heavy-duty and powder-coated cast iron of 36, PSI so it will last a long time.

The base is designed to grasp tightly onto your workbench and can provide over pounds of clamping force, making it highly durable and a very protective tool to use within the workshop. This benchtop tool comes with three 12 mm mounting holes that can attach to almost every work table making it versatile. Why We Liked It — This bench clamp is made from powder-coated cast iron making it highly durable and stable for all kinds of woodwork.

It can be mounted onto a bench or trailer due to the fact it comes with a mounting bracket, giving you greater versatility and flexibility based on the work surface you are working with. This Wilton bench vise can be easily attached using a standard 2-inch hitch and it comes with an additional hitch pin for security on the jaw width. This Wilton bench vise is lightweight and has an integrated carry handle making it easy to transport around the workshop and adjust on your work surface.

The patented degree locking handle is designed to secure the handle and lock the bench vise when it is being used. This is a water-resistant, heavy-duty bench vise that is made from hardened steel so it can be used in all weather conditions. It comes with an included screw set that is designed to give a tight and secure fit, making this one of the safest benchtop tools available.

Why We Liked It — This bench vise is one of the best as it is made from hardened steel so it is durable and is versatile as it can be used on a bench or trailer. This is one of the best bench vises for professional or hobbyist workshops as it really does make your work easier to complete. It is fitted with an adjustable front stop or dog that offers an additional clamping facility, which gives it a two in one operation.

This tool can be used as both a normal vise as well as a tail vise making it versatile and highly convenient for both professionals and hobbyists. It is made of cast iron making it heavy duty and durable, as well as being well-constructed making it a great vise for the money.

This heavy-duty vise has 9-inch pipe jaws, and 4-inch throat depth so it can support a range of materials. It comes with two pre-drilled holes for quick and easy installation to your benchtop. Why We Liked It — These bench vises come with a wide throat depth and jaw opening to provide a two in one operation for professional workshops. Yost vises are known for their quality and durability, with this model being no exception.

Like other Yost vises, it has a generous throat depth of 2. This makes it suitable for various different materials, including pipes and tubes.

This Yost Vises Di is made from 30, PSI cast iron and has a blue powder-coated finish making it heavyweight and built for longevity. It has a degree swivel base to provide versatility in the workroom. This base design has been improved by Yost vises to keep the bench vise stable, as it will not move from side to side when you are working. The cast pipe jaws and machined serrated jaws offer a secure grip of your materials.

Why We Liked It — This bench vise is designed for home workshops as it is versatile, with a swivel base and stable pipe jaws to clamp down on materials. This bench vise has a degree swivel base that has dual lock-down nuts so it is easy to position the benchtop tool wherever you need it most. Mostly, they depend on the length of the slide.

This can be a major restriction on the size of item you can hold, so it's important to get it right. Some DIY bench vises only allow an opening of four inches. Professional-grade tools with reversible heads can open as wide as eleven inches. Because of the way a bench vise is constructed, throat depth varies little. Even a cheap bench vise will have a throat depth of between two and a half or three inches, yet only a few top-quality models exceed four inches. Many bench vises have a quick-release feature.

A finger operated lever, attached below the front jaw, releases the screw thread. This allows the jaw to slide back and forward freely, and therefore more quickly. Releasing the lever re-engages the thread. The vise can't be fully tightened until this is done. Swivel bases are common, and a useful addition.

It makes it easier to position different parts of the workpiece in front of you, rather than having to move the piece itself. A few vises have rotating heads that can carry two sets of jaws. This gives fast access to the second set, saving you the time it would take to change jaws completely.

They can be very heavy. If they become detached they can fall and cause injury. They can also be extremely difficult to re-align. Never use extension bars on the handle. The supplied handle will apply the maximum pressure intended. Trying to exert more can potentially damage the vise, or cause injury to the user. When you've finished work for the day, open the vise jaws slightly and leave the handle in the vertical position.

If you leave it horizontal, it can catch you at hip height when you pass, leaving a surprisingly painful bruise. There are some very cheap bench vises around, but bear in mind that these tools exert a tremendous amount of pressure. Metal fatigue and stress fractures are common with poorly cast models.

Not a lot of money for a tool you'll probably never wear out. Versatility is an important consideration when it comes to bench vises, and the Yost D2 is definitely versatile. Reversible jaws and a lockable swivel base should provide enough flexibility for most clamping needs. Great all-around vise. The 8-inch jaws are the widest among our top five contenders. Decent midrange model has the advantages of cast iron, durability and tensile strength, but also some of its disadvantages brittleness in cold, rust issues.

While not a heavy-duty bench vise for professional use, it is still a good choice for hobbyists and weekend warriors. Versatility is its strongest selling point. Decent price point for a light to medium duty bench vise. Designed primarily for home use, such as hobbies, small repairs, and product assemblies. We appreciate its exceptionally low price point and its solid steel construction. If home users need a third hand for holding pieces, the Wilton is the right choice. This bench vise is an affordable alternative to professional-grade vises designed for heavy duty use.

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