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To help you to make iroon correct decision, the article has listed several information that you need to know before buying. Avoid thin or plastic options. If you are considering csat as well as design, then this router table from Kreg can be said to be the best professional router table for large stock pieces. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thats good to hear, im liking the look of the jessem. Reply to this topic Start new topic. If you plan to work with hardwoods or thick materials regularly, a router boasting larger three hp motor will be more suited best cast iron router table desktop your needs.

Therefore, one of the first, and most crucial, things to look for when researching router tables is the construction of the table itself. Any great router table must have a sturdy, stable base. A good base acts like a foundation for a router table, and it must provide a level surface for the table top and be secure to the floor.

Next, look at the table top itself. You want a smooth, Best Cast Iron Router Table Yupoo flat, and level surface to work from for the greatest accuracy in your cuts. You also want to make sure the table top will stand up to the materials and level of use you plan to get out of the table. That is, without warping, scratching, or rippling, as this will affect the integrity of your cuts.

It also needs to be rigid enough not to give under the pressure required to feed material past the router, which will also throw off your cut. For light use or lighter materials, a simple MDF top can make for an economical solution. If you go this route, make sure the MDF top is at least an inch thick and is coated in a material with a good slide. A more durable option is MDF coated with high-pressure laminate HPL , which is much thicker and tougher than melamine.

If you plan to use your router table on a regular basis, a table top made of solid phenolic resin will be a better option. Tops made from this material are impervious to water damage and also hold up well against chemical spills or temperatures over degrees Celsius. They can take an impact like a champ and are resistant to scratches, divots, or warping while remaining durable and light weight.

Cast iron tops are ideal for heavy, daily use. Few materials hold up to abuse better than heavy cast iron, and it has the bulk to absorb most of the vibrations caused by machine motors. Next, consider the base plates included for the tables.

Some will feature a few plates pre-drilled to fit one or two router makes and models. Some offer a base plate that can be custom fit for your router. Both are good options. However, stability in the base plate is just as important to the functionality of your router table as it is for the base and table top. Because of the need for stability and structural integrity in the base plate, you want to pay attention to the material they are made from as well.

Machined aluminum or solid phenolic resin plates are some of the best available. Routing can be a messy business, so an efficient dust collection system is another feature of the best routing tables.

Most tables on the market offer some sort of system, but not all of them are created equal. Dual port systems allow two shop vacs to be attached to catch more sawdust. Others have shrouds available to cover the port to catch any particles that slip through. The fence is your guide to accurate and clean cuts. You want to find tables with a fence that is sturdy, square, and easy to position and adjust for each cut.

You also want to make sure the fence will remain in place and not shift once you begin feeding the material past the router. Finally, searching for a table with available T-slots and that is capable of accommodating a miter gauge will increase the versatility of your router table.

Router tables are invaluable tools for anyone serious about DIY and woodworking. While a router can be used without a table, the best router tables add to the speed, accuracy, and ease of use, while also reducing the amount of clean up required.

Wood working can be a messy activity. No matter how clean and accurate the cut, sawdust is an inevitability. For many, dust collection is one of the best features of router tables. Unlike working with a handheld router, using a router table is much cleaner due to the dust collection feature included with most models.

This makes for a cleaner work environment, less clean up, and greater accuracy in your work. Once the fence is set, you can make a couple of hundred identical cuts in a fraction of the time and with much greater accuracy than you would be able to do with a handheld router.

You also have less clean up afterward to boot. You may not need one if you rarely put your router to work, but anyone who uses one regularly or for large volumes of work here and there will benefit from having a router table.

They provide a means of executing multiple, uniform cuts quicker, cleaner, and easier than can be managed by hand. It decreases the amount of time needed to complete multiple cuts with better uniformity, and using a router table is often a safer means of completing a job than hand routing.

Using a router table with dust ports is also a far cleaner way to go, and is a great little bonus that makes the investment in purchasing a table that much sweeter. Primary Menu. Search for: Search. Home ยป 9 Best Router Tables in Power Tools. Dremel Router Table 4.

Grizzly Industrial T Router Table 6. Bosch Benchtop Router Table 8. Definitely a winning business model. Add your own review for this product. Orders placed at this time will ship the week of March Our phone lines will be temporarily unavailable. Please email sawdust mlcswoodworking. Sign up for the E-Club! Customer Service. Install on your table saw!

Includes Measuring Tape that reads both right to left and left to right for easy measurements. Each plate comes with reducer rings to customize the opening of the plate to accommodate different sized router bits. I was pleasantly surprised the fence was labeled American Eagle. I really like the square tubing on the pro base.

I flipped the bottom braces so I can make modular drawers and set them down on the cross members rather then down in the cross members. Cons: The leveling holes in aluminum insert should have been chamfered counter sunk before taping for the leveler bolts. The aluminum is raised up and sharp. This cost MCLS 1 star! Overall I am very happy with this router table. Heritage Music Products. Poorly packaged by manufacturer.

Mine had a small corner knocked off the casting that did not affect performance. Two edges were knicked enough to require smoothing with a file to avoid damage to wood work pieces. The table is dead flat along its length but is slightly dished along its width. This is typical these days to other machines I have purchased with cast iron tops. They just don't make them the way they did 50 years ago.

The mounting holes aligned perfectly with the stand. Be aware that your signature will be required to take delivery from UPS. I was not aware of that and ended up having to go to the UPS service center to pick up my table after two failed attempts to deliver it my home while I was at work.

The dishing of the table along its width is the primary reason I gave a 3 star rating.

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