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This robust model is excellent in both endurance and quality. But the thing should last a reasonable length of time. Small trees can be chopped down with this too! That's right, you can get teeth of any size you want. Because of its triple cut blade, it can cut through wood easily.

This one should go without saying. You need both hands and a bit of strength to wield a chainsaw. Hand saws, on the other hand, are much lighter and you could just swing it around with one hand easily.

Tell me this, why would you spend over a hundred dollars to get a chainsaw when you can get a hand saw that does the same thing while costing under fifty bucks. Again, this is another more obvious point. A chainsaw needs a constant power source, while a hand saw needs only the force of your hand. So, you can carry it around with no problem. A hand saw can also be versatile. If you are looking for finer cuts you can get alternative teeth with certain models.

With a handsaw, you could tinker with it yourself and often get it fixed. Even if you need to replace teeth, they usually are cheap.

In case you snap the blade off, it can still be patched up at home. Now you might be confused about which one to get. After all, there are so many options. Don't worry! I've put together a list for you to choose from.

This robust model is excellent in both endurance and quality. It is durable enough for you to go rough on it. Something that many handsaws struggle with is cutting things that are too big. This handsaw, however, is nothing like that. It is very strong and can cut pieces of wood or bone up to six inches wide. Since it is a very durable and strong saw, you'd expect it to be very heavy, huge, or somewhat unwieldy.

But no, not at all. It comes with a folding handle. This can let you put the thing away once you're done. And the saw itself is small enough to fit in your pocket. This can prove to be invaluable especially if you're traveling. One technical issue to keep in mind, however, is that it does have a mild curve.

Being a Japanese saw, it has a one-sided blade. And thus, it cuts on the pull. On the push, it slides over the material. This can be confusing to some. You apply pressure on the pull. On the push, you are to relax the pressure to get the best results. Don't underestimate its one-sided blade though, it can cut almost anything except metal. You could use it to clear branches out with ease. Small trees can be chopped down with this too! And, it is pretty versatile. It's good for gutting animals and can slide through bone seamlessly.

There is one drawback though. The handle is a little too heavy compared to the blade. This can result in imbalance, which could cause inconvenience to many. It can prevent you from getting a good grip, and that can even lead to accidents. It is only one here that can cut metal.

So, say goodbye to your hacksaw. We don't need that anymore. It can cut wood clean off with no issue whatsoever. There is almost no dust either. Metal, although a little tougher, can be cut with this almost seamlessly as well. Since it is electric, cutting wood is easy. While it can cut metal, it is very useful in cutting wood. Clearing out branches is a cakewalk.

And even thicker branches and trees can be cleared with this one with no problem at all. Bear in mind that it is not a chainsaw. You still have to move it back and forth.

However, it is a lot easier. Operation of this is easy. Just push the button. That will do the job. And since it is electrical, it works wonders for people who don't seem to have the strength to forcefully operate a regular handsaw. No physical effort is needed. You don't have to push much. Just a mild press should send it cutting through most materials. However, while the operation is easy, the setup has left lots of people with their heads scratching.

Yes, the saw does require setting up and it's a little complicated. Fitting the blade has proven to be the most challenging. The locking pin, which sets the saw blade in place, is a bit difficult to secure. This can be time-consuming. Owing to its electric build it can cut through almost anything and if the blades wear down, you can get easy replacements for just a couple of bucks.

And, replacements do not necessarily have to be of the same kind. That's right, you can get teeth of any size you want. This will allow you to customize this machine however you want it. By the virtue of being a Japanese style saw, it only cuts along one side. On the "push" part of the stroke, the saw simply slides along the material that is cut.

You should pay attention to the "pull" part of the stroke because that's when it actually cuts through. You should apply pressure on the pull, and it'll cut smoothly.

Unfortunately, not everyone can do this properly. The backstroke or the pull stroke has to be correctly executed for the blade to advance into the material.

Many simply can't do it on the first try and just assume that it is a low-quality saw. Try it with a good backstroke.

There are lots of tutorial videos for this on the web. The extent of cut on the thing is pretty impressive too.

While metal is off limits, it can easily stride through the wood. Even branches as thick as seven inches are a piece of cake for this heavy-duty unit. Need to chop up bones? Fear not. This can easily serve that purpose. Tough meat is no problem either.

Owing to its versatile nature, you can take this out for your travels as well. You could use it in the backyard for some vegetation control, or you could pack this to go camping. And when you are setting up camp, it can be useful in various ways. It's a very good option for clearing up vegetation. If you want to clear some land really quickly, then this is your tool. It can cut trees and is on par with a chainsaw for that matter.

Although it is not very fast and effortless, it still can get the same job done. This model, although it is a Japanese style and uses premium quality Japanese steel, cuts along smoothly with both the "push" and the "pull" stroke of the blade.

For people who have issues with the one-way blade, this can be a good alternative. The double ended blade means that the cutting is done faster. In this product the blade itself is sturdy. This is because it was made to be thick. You can ram it in there with no fear of it bending or something. Thin blades are often the weak point of many hand saws.

They can bend if you plunge it in and can flat out snap if you push it too hard. The thick blade on this will endure all of that and perform well. Sturdiness aside, the blade of the saw is curved.

This unique design was made to balance the weight between the blade and the handle. In an effort to reduce weight the blades are often thinned to the point where the handle becomes too heavy in many saws. To avoid that and for a better grip, this model is made to be well balanced.

Something that is often a complaint with many hand saws is the absence of a sheath. The sheath is basically there to protect you from the sharpness. It is unsafe to carry it around openly.

And the exposure can also eat away at the sharpness of your handsaw. This one includes a fully operational scabbard. The teeth on this are fine and precise. This means little dust. Dust can make for a hazard and more dust usually implies an imprecise cut. It is very sharp and that means you can use it to cut softer materials such as meat or skin. This makes it a good choice for gutting animals. This is another ultra-sharp tool. It cuts past wood, up to six inches thick with ease. Hence, you could use it to clear up medium-sized trees and branches.

This can also cut through thick bone. Often some screws are re-used and you should make sure they are well-fitted and durable. The comfort of handling a pruning saw totally depends on the handle. A high-quality grip makes sure of quality performance and comfort of work.

Also, a handle with more joint points and a strong joint with the blade is needed for safety and durability. Some handles come in pistol grip and some offer telescopic poles for far trimming.

Always take into consideration these options while making your pick for the perfect pruning saw. Blade teeth are of the utmost importance when choosing a pruning saw.

These teeth are essential in getting the job done with ease. They influence trimming directly as they come in physical contact with wood. The better configuration of the teeth, the more conveniently you will be able to cut through any material. Always take into consideration teeth per inch and the size of teeth you need.

The teeth of the saw control the direction and method of the cut. Some saws cut in both directions and some cut in either a push or pull stroke. Also, resistance in cutting depends on the friction of teeth. Keep in mind that the teeth on the blade of the pruning saw determine the efficiency of cutting the wood.

The more teeth per inch of the blade, the faster the cuts will be. Some blades have aggressive teeth for faster cuts. However, the more teeth on the blade, the more effort is needed to start the cut. Some blades have teeth that cut during the pull motion while others cut during both the pull and push motion. The former will need more strokes to cut but the latter also might need more force. When not in use, the pruning saw blade should be covered with a protective scabbard.

This protects the blade from damage as well as prevents injury when you reach for the pruning saw in your bag of gardening tools. We recommend to always have a scabbard protect your pruning saw blade. Some pruning saws come with a scabbard included in the price. When you have to prune your garden regularly to keep it clean, you definitely need something durable.

Always look for something with high-quality material and strong construction. Weight of your saw refers to how much your saw can handle. You have to select the weight according to your task. When you are dealing with a thicker and tougher branch, look for a heavy-duty pruning saw. Also, think about whether or not you can handle the weight. Precaution is a must when you are handling and storing a pruning saw as the blade is very sharp.

Always look for a saw that will ensure the safety of you and the people around you, especially kids. Foldable saws with a locking mechanism and saws with sheaths are quite safe. Also, the handle must have a sturdy construction to handle the tasks. Price is an important factor to consider. Nobody wants to spend money on a useless product. A quality product from a well-known manufacturer will cost more.

Take into consideration the price of the product which will fit your budget. The main advantage of this pruning saw is its comfortable 2 component handle which will give you an excellent grip. This pruning saw will cut fast through green or dry wood, plastic, bone, and more. If you like to go camping or hunting, this is the little tool you need to have in your pocket then for sure. This saw also comes with spare blades making it a long lasting tool.

This pruning saw is specially designed for wildlife enthusiasts, hunters, and campers. Firstly, if you were looking for the best pruning saw out there then this one is perfect for you. Its ergonomic design of the co-molded handle makes it very comfortable to hold. The saw also comes with a comfortable grip for extended use.

Furthermore, the folding blade is curved, taper-ground and replaceable which makes it really strong and durable. It has up to 6 teeth per inch and curved blade design for faster cutting. It can cut through things smoother and quicker than a traditional saw. If you were looking for incredibly strong and versatile pruning saw that can easily cut through branches and limbs that are up to 8 inches thick, then this pruning saw is for you!

With its razor tooth 7TPI curved blade, cutting, and trimming will seem effortless. This pruning saw is also perfect for gardening — including trees, shrubs, plants, branches, limbs and so much more.

Some users of this saw have admitted that that the pruning saw looked and worked well just like the first day even after months of regular use. Do you like to go camping from time to time? With this durable SK-5 steel blade for efficient cutting during camping survival, you will be more than prepared for every situation.

Also, this is an excellent blade even for basic yard work. The aggressive staggered teeth of this blade will allow you an ultra-smooth and sharp saw experience without any problems. The handle is made out of rubber-coated polymer which ensures a firm grip in any weather condition and makes it comfortable to hold. Have you ever wanted to cut through something really fast? Well, with this Corona Razor you will be able to cut twice as fast! With its triple-ground and impulse-hardened teeth, you will be able to cut through anything fast, the same as one with conventional teeth.

This pruning saw is ideal for cutting medium to large branches. Also, we must mention that the saw teeth are whetstone ground, which means they are set for non-binding cutting. Furthermore, if you decide to get this blade you will have a long service life because of its impulse-hardened teeth that extend the life of the pruning saw. If you were looking for the best pruning saw that is very large, then this Felco folding saw is perfect for you!

Its impulse heated blade teeth resist corrosion for maintenance-free long-term satisfaction. Because of its innovative design, the trimming hand saw has a uniquely shaped blade that is thinner on the top and thicker at the bottom to prevent clogging and binding. The saw itself is inches in overall length and comes with a 6-inch blade. This exceptionally durable pull-stroke pruning saw provides unmatched performance for a variety of arboriculture, landscaping, and horticultural tasks.

The F conveniently folds in half and can be easily carried in a pocket. If you are looking for a good pruning saw to cut branches and shrubs, then this saw is for you! The blade is made with a cutting-edge shock hardening process that makes it very durable and high-quality for cutting through branches like butter.

The saw itself weighs just It comes with a protective scabbard that has a nylon belt loop to carry it around. Furthermore, it has a comfortable grip that makes it easy to cut branches for extended periods without getting fatigued.

The Samurai Ichiban is a little expensive as compared to the other pruning saws on our list but you do pay for quality. One drawback of this saw is that the blade is a little thin so you need to be careful while cutting. With its triple-cut razor teeth, this tool will stay sharp for smooth and really fast sawing. It also has an ergonomic and comfortable handle which makes it easy to carry around and to use. The blade is made out of fully hardened stainless-steel with a 7. If you enjoy working in your own garden, then this is the best pruning saw for you and it will make your hard work feel like a breeze.

The downside of this pruning saw is that is mostly good just for dry wood. It becomes pinched by greenwood, which makes the blade easily bind.

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