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If you want to run multiple Raspberry Pi 4s at the same time, you should look at this case. Aside from the Pi Zero itself and microSD card, the GPi Case comes with everything you need to create a portable, handheld best raspberry pi case with fan experience. Its cooling performance, though, is the weakest. Partner Content. The Raspberry Pi 4 Stand improves the bare p, but Raspberry Pi 4 still gets hot under sustained synthetic load. Also, the official case is created using ABS plastic so it can easily handle high temperature without burning or significant heating issues.

The form factor is stylish if perhaps a little too big. Read: Argon One M. The Aluminium Heatsink Case from Pimoroni comes as a two part metal kit with four hex screws, this case is super simple Best Raspberry Pi 4 Case Quality to assemble, requiring only that we apply the thermal pad to the CPU, then close up the case. It is worth investing in some thicker thermal pads or heatsink compound in order to make the best contact from the Pi to the case.

This case is very usable and does provide enough cooling to run a Pi 4 all day. All of the ports are exposed and accessible, including the microSD card port which is easy to access even for large hands.

Consider this case if you need silent cooling, and do not plan to overclock. But this version is both passively and actively cooling the Raspberry Pi 4 via a two part aluminum construction and two 20mm fans which are powered directly from the 5V and GND pins of the GPIO. But adding the fans drops the temperatures significantly and the combined cooling this case can keep your Pi cool under load for a full day. The case is made of two parts and they are secured together using four hex screws.

Fan noise is low, and no louder than a typical laptop fan running at idle. If you want a solid case with good cooling then this is an ideal choice. This head turning case really stands out from the crowd thanks to a gem pattern design on top of the sandblasted silver anodised aluminum. The case has a textured matte finish and clean edges.

Around the case are cutouts for all the major ports on the Pi. Camera and Display cables will need to be routed via the slot about the micro SD cutout.

A separate GPIO slot is low on the case, requiring a breakout board for general use. This case is made for cooling and the all aluminum construction provides fantastic cooling. Inside the case are two blocks of aluminum, designed to make contact with the CPU, USB controller and the power management chip using a mixture of thermal compound and pads.

The heat is efficiently drawn away from the Raspberry Pi 4 into the case and everything is kept cool, a maximum of 50 Celsius in our tests, even when overclocked to 2.

Image 1 of 4. Image 2 of 4. Image 3 of 4. Image 4 of 4. Argon Neo Most Stylish great looks, great passive cooling. Pimoroni Pibow Coupe 4 Most Versatile. Official Raspberry Pi Zero Case. Image 1 of 3. Image 2 of 3. Image 3 of 3. Miuzei Raspberry Pi 4 Case Miuzei has been creating some of the best Raspberry Pi cases for older models and this time too, it has come up with the most compact and durable case for the latest Raspberry Pi 4 model.

It has the dual acrylic layers on top and bottom to firmly protect the mainboard. There is a cooling fan installed on top to bring down the overall temperature of Raspberry Pi. To sum up, Miuzei Raspberry Pi 4 Case is the best case for your tiny new computer and you can buy it without any hesitation. It has a dual acrylic protective film on top and bottom with a cooling fan mounted on top. There are also three open vents on top to dissipate the air quickly.

Since iUniker has an open design, you can easily connect cables and cords without any problem. Nevertheless, iUniker provides a great Raspberry Pi 4 case and you can buy it for its open and cool looking design. The official Raspberry Pi Case is completely modular and you can install the mainboard directly without drilling holes or tightening screws. Just open the lid and fit the board in the case.

Also, the official case is created using ABS plastic so it can easily handle high temperature without burning or significant heating issues. Simply put, if you are looking for a uni-design box protecting from all sides, the official Raspberry Pi 4 Case is for you. Unlike acrylic plastic, it uses a premium aluminum body to enclose the mainboard from all sides. There are also multiple heat sinks to dissipate heat efficiently.

The cut-outs are precise and you can connect all sorts of cables and cords without any limitation. If you are looking for the best looking Raspberry Pi 4 case, I strongly recommend getting a case by Flirc. The Ceetech Case for Raspberry Pi 4 is a premium case made of aluminum. The case features an aluminum mesh design which is better for heat dissipation. It also comes with a fan that works perfectly with it, allowing for better thermal management.

This means you will get better performance as the chances of thermal throttling are minimal. The case is precisely cut and gives you easy access to all the ports. The case can hold four Raspberry Pi 4s at the same time. It also comes with heat-sink and fans to provide optimal cooling. The acrylic layers contain built-in air vents to allow for maximum airflow.

If you want to run multiple Raspberry Pi 4s at the same time, you should look at this case. The case is fully vented and comes with a built-in fan. Keep your Raspberry Pi 4 cool and running smoothly with a thermal case. Gareth Halfacree investigates which one works best. Raspberry Pi 4 — like all the other members of the ever-growing Raspberry Pi family — is entirely usable as is, and plenty of people appreciate the aesthetic of a bare board on a desk.

Each case here has been tested for aesthetics, complexity of assembly, and its performance in keeping Raspberry Pi 4 running cool. Each case was given a heavy synthetic workload to represent a worst-case scenario. This workload, which stresses both the central and graphics processors, runs for ten minutes followed by a five-minute cooldown period. Full details of the workload can be found in The MagPi issue Made by Pimoroni from a single piece of acrylic, the Raspberry Pi 4 Stand is as pure as it gets and comes free with issue 90 of The MagPi magazine.

The Raspberry Pi 4 Stand is about as simple as a case could possibly be. The stand is designed to improve cooling by aligning Raspberry Pi 4 vertically, rather than flat on a desk. Previous thermal testing in issue 88 showed this is surprisingly effective, and the Raspberry Pi 4 Stand solves the stability issue which comes from balancing the board on its edge.

Whether you install one, two, or three boards, the Raspberry Pi 4 Stand is surprisingly stable and not unattractive — and it retains access to all ports and headers.

The Raspberry Pi 4 Stand improves the bare performance, but Raspberry Pi 4 still gets hot under sustained synthetic load. The Raspberry Pi 4 Stand is smart, free, and the only case on test to Best Raspberry Pi Desktop Jacket support more than a single board. Its cooling performance, though, is the weakest. Installation is simple, requiring only two protective Best Raspberry Pi 3 Os Driver sheets to be removed from the pad, and four screws to hold the case together. For those not interested in attractive home theatre setups, though, the Flirc comes with a major drawback: it offers no ready access to the Best Raspberry Pi 4 Os 03 GPIO, CSI, or DSI headers, though all external ports are easily reached.

The plastic lid prevents the Flirc from cooling entirely efficiently, while the hollow pillar can be seen as a cooler spot to the centre-left.

Even with the lid in place, the Flirc case easily cools Raspberry Pi 4 during the synthetic workload run. Impressively feature-packed, the Argon One offers a lot for your money — including temperature-controlled active cooling.

Extras: thermal transfer material pads, AV daughterboard, fan, labelled GPIO header with magnetic cover, smart power board. The same board powers a fan, which is active when the temperature exceeds a user-configurable limit, and includes a smart power button which can safely turn Raspberry Pi 4 on and off with a press. Cooling performance is impressive.

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