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The beest consists of two releasing collets, mounting hardware, and the chip shield. Then, finish with a 6, going with the grain. Pros Easy to use Comfy handles Quiet operation. Pros Easy to switch between different bases Versatile Budget-friendly. Great idea.

Flattening a large board creates a lot of dust and chips. I decided to add a dust hood see Sources to the sled. Before I screwed the dust hood in place I made a shallow relief cut in the side rail to help move the dust through to the hood. I am fortunate to have a nice dust collection system in my shop, but using even a shop vacuum will help a lot! Your lumber might be cupped, twisted, or bowed. Your objective is to remove the least amount of wood necessary to get a flat surface.

Place a level on the piece assuming your bench is level and look at the gap between the level and the low spots on the work piece. Then adjust the height of the work piece with shims until that gap has been minimized. After you have minimized that gap you are ready to secure the piece to your workbench. You can secure the wood to your bench with three pieces Best Router For Planing Wood Questions of scrap wood.

Clamp a piece of scrap on one end of your bench and then butt the wood up to that first scrap. Then clamp another small piece of scrap to the opposite end of your bench. Now place a third piece in the space between the wood and the end of your bench. Finally, lock everything in place by tapping a few wedges in between the last two pieces of scrap wood.

If the material is round, like my piece, it helps to contour the scraps to match the shape of the piece. Securing your work will be idiosyncratic to your particular piece. The guide rails are simply two straight boards that the router sled rides on. If the sides are too tall then your router bit might not be long enough to reach your board. It is easy to add shims to raise the sides up if needed, so it is better to make the sides too short than too tall, and shim under them as needed.

Glue small blocks on the ends of the guide rails to give yourself another place to clamp the rails down. The most important consideration with the router bit is its length.

In that case you might have to shorten the height of the side rails to complete your project. See Sources. A larger bit will get the job done faster and will likely leave a cleaner surface. Download a Router Bit Speed Chart I have used standard mortising bits to flatten boards and they worked just fine. Adding wax to the bottom of the sled and to the top of the guide rails will make it easier to move the router sled.

The work piece will have tracks from the router bit when you are done flattening it. These are easily removed with either a belt sander or a random orbit sander.

If you want both faces of the slab parallel to each other, flip the slab over and repeat this process on the other face. Sources: Dust hood Part Woodcraft Supply www. Router bit CMT A wide array of amazing 3D clipart is available. The new BenchTop Dust Collector from…. Why three legs and not four, you might ask? Barnboard quilts are VERY fun projects. The idea is to make a wooden representation of a traditional quilt square. Historically, some people think that hanging a barn quilt on a building will bring good luck and prosperity.

This is a great woodworking project. The Design There are lots of options for a barnboard quilt design. Chamfering wood with a hand plane is a great way to coax the wood into a more interesting shape, removing the harsh crisp edges that have been left behind by cutting tools. The chamfer creates a more inviting texture on the wood, and also brings out visually pleasing variations in how light reflects off the…. How do you know where to put them so that the spacing is even between each drawer as well as the top and bottom of the case opening?

You know that…. If you build a project that requires angled legs, such as a bench, stool, or similar, you will have to come up with a method for drilling angled holes to receive the angled legs. Turning a natural form on a lathe, and keeping the bark and natural tree profile intact as you rough out and shape the bowl is a satisfying process.

Grouped product items test Item Product Name Shape. Add to Cart. In stock. Universal 7. Base Plate Self-Centering Kit With Roller Bearings This add-on to our Universal Router Base Plates turns your router into a precision machine for routing centered mortises, grooves, and other profiles along the edge of a workpiece. Base Plate Alignment Kit This kit works with any router baseplate that accepts Porter-Cable-style template guide bushings to ensure that the baseplate is centered on the router.

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