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There seem to be two classes of steel for carving tools: 1. The softer one is some kind of spiffy stainless steel that Mora (Sweden) and Diamond (Taiwan) use for their farrier's (, , D= ) knives. It is nice to rework for wood carving, it holds an edge well. It carves well and is entirely useful. 2. Nov 24,  · Best Folding Pocket Knives for Whittling. – Great Eastern Cutlery (Farm Best Wood Carving Knives Reddit Work and Field) One of my favorite whittling pocket knives currently on the market is the Great Eastern Cutlery #62 Pocket – Flexcut Whittlin’ Jack Knives. – Mastercarver. Recent Posts. Author: Brian Carver. Sep 17,  · But I found that S30V and ZDP in pocket knives chip too easily when carving wood. In bushcraft-type knives I've had good results with ATS34, VG10, and better with 3V (my current favorite), M4, O1, A1, and W1 (or W2?). Edge profiles were significantly larger than 10 degrees, though My suggestion is to have knives made with some of these steels, at least those that are affordable, and .

I’ve spent well over $ in my journey for the best whittling and wood carving knives, and I have found the absolute best pocket knives you can find! I have thoroughly tested and researched each and every one of the pocket knives listed below to ensure that I Best Steel For Wood Carving Knives Online am providing you with the best possible options from beginners to the seasoned www.Small Woodworking Shop Storage Ideas : Brian Carver. Morakniv Wood Carving Knife with Laminated Steel Blade, Inch Morakniv knives are good quality knives, and they are Best Wood Carving Knives For Beginners Review great for carving and whittling. Although, most of the knives will come in a poorly designed and very cheap sheath. This is not too much of a problem, since they are not overly expensive, but it is a downside. Mar 19,  · Types of Wood Carving Knives. Sheepsfoot Knife. A sheepsfoot knife is a blade design for what most people commonly refer to as a wood carving knife. It is designed with a straight Spear Point Knife. Chip Carving Knife. Spoon/Hook Knife. Folding Pocket Knife.

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