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A cast-iron-jaw vise can be recessed into the bottom of a bench Best Wood For Moxon Vise With for maximum strength and stability. Install the vise with washers and lag screws that project through clearance holes in the two spacer blocks. For even longer lengths I can rest them and pivot on the guide while I grab a holdfast for the other end. Thanks Bryan. About Our Author Craig Bentzley has been restoring antiques and building furniture for nearly 40 years. Because a face vise is used for general work as well as for planing edges, I recommend investing in a larger vise at least 10".

Jul 02,  · Meet the vise that puts you into control. You adjust the exact position of your work for safe and comfortable woodcarving. Quickly adjusts to needed carving Author: Total Vise. Mar 27,  · In this video, I put both to the test with a twist of my own. I was shocked at how well both worked, especially the scrap wood clamping box. Sometimes solutions are so simple, they’re easy to overlook. Granted, I used 5/8-in. acme thread, nuts, and handles for my Moxon vise, but all of the hardware for it cost around $ Apr 12,  · I have a lot to learn about woodworking and there’s often a lot wisdom in traditional designs, so maybe I should bow to the wisdom of the ages and install a face or leg vise with a ″ wood screw, but US$ buys a lot of other things, like wood to work with!Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins.

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