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Feb 13,  · The majority of modern woodworking power tools have built-in dust ports that are ready to connect to a shop vacuum’s flexible hose. Other tools, including routers, angle grinders, etc., may be fitted with optional hoods that allow vacuum hose attachment. Dec 21,  · The Makita XCV10ZX backpack vacuum easily wins our best portable shop vac award. It gives you up to 62 minutes of continuous operation using two Ah batteries. Plus, the brushless motor gives you 64 CFM of suction and 44″ of water lift. On the filter side, a two-stage HEPA system captures % of particulates microns and larger. Sep 25,  · There are also a host of accessories available for each of these products—from bags, liners and filters to specialized hoses and adapters. Some vacuums like the Hilti, Fein and Makita even have special kits that allow you to attach a crevice tool or a full brush set with modular handle. Tool by Tool DeWalt DWV 10 Gallon HEPA Dust Extractor.

WORKSHOP Wet Dry Vacuums are customer focused shop vacs for DIY projects, job sites, emergencies, or as an pantry or auto vac. Dust collection is becoming increasingly important in the workshop. Airborne dust generated when wood is machined or cut has been proven to be a contributing factor in lung ailments, etc. With this in mind, the best method to prevent airborne dust from being generated is to collect it at the source or right at the woodworking machine. Jun 14,  · Stick it in a plastic garbage bag, knot or grip the bag's open end, then gently spank the filter to dislodge the dust. Set the bag down, wait for the dust to settle, then remove the filter and dispose of the bag. If you use your shop vacuum for workshop dust collection, make this adjustable hose holder and get the hose right where you need it.

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