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Original Saw. Show More. Featured Clearance. Types Permanent. Clamp On. Grip Puller. Heavy Duty. Vacuum Base. Vacuum Base Portable. Product Bench Vise. Woodworkers Vise. Rail Set. Saw Horse. Bench Top. Mechanics Vise. Floor Vises. Leg Set. Accessory Kit. Pen Press. Capacity 6".

Jaw Width 4". Size 2' x 3'. Style Elite. Scandi Plus. Nordic Plus. Ships From Woodcraft. Woodcraft - Special Order. Workbenches Prev 1 2 3 … 10 Next. Compare Items:. Filter Results. Quick View Item Prev 1 2 3 … 10 Next. Or do I have to treat the hardwood section like a tabletop and do something like screw it to the plywood through elongated holes to allow for wood movement?

But your lamination idea, I think, will leave you frustrated in the end. Not fatal, but not the textbook way, either. When using different materials in wood lamination glue-ups, usually the better idea is to balance the material with the idea of symmetry: each layer has a corresponding layer matching it later on. Wood moves, and you cannot stop it from happening.

You can slow it down and you can equalize it, but you just simply cannot stop it using any practical way. Plywood is very dimensionally stable due to the alternating cross grain layup of the veneers.

The plywood will be your most unchangeable surface. The hardwood will move differently. I like my bench to be flat!

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