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Thank you for a well made product that performs as advertised. I just used it today and it gfinder great!! What a good idea. What a difference this tool makes. I had to have one

Severely worn down parts may require longer. It is essential to sharpen both the knife and plate at the same time in order to create a fresh surface Electric Planer Blade Sharpener with good contact. Meat Grinder Plate Sharpening Stones. Average Rating: 3. Other Products. Food Grade Silicone Lubricant, 13 oz.

Grinder Plate Cleaning Brush Kit. Sharping Stones. Not received product over 3 weeks. Found a perfect way to sharpen my grinder knives. Meat Grinder Sharpening. Coarse plate broke. View All Customer Reviews. I set it up in minutes and practiced on some beat up blades and it corrected the edge on it so fast it was unbelievable. What a good idea. Great Great job! It was money well spent for sure! I had to have one I bought one and used it today on 3 blades it was just too easy.

I am a tool and die maker so I can see how well you guys have done with the quality design and craftsmanship. I am so happy I came across your video, thank you so much.

I thought I was good at sharpening them using the angle grinder with a flapper wheel by eye. What a difference this tool makes. I was always satisfied with my blades and cut but this absolute precision. Now it takes me no time to get that edge back and sharpen a few more sets for the work week. Thank you for a superior product.

I just used it today and it worked great!! I think the best thing out of all of this is the customer service when I called them. They are definitely top notch. I would definitely order from them again. Had it set up and sharpening blades within minutes.

I sharpen and average of 12 blades per week and with this you set your angle and in less then a minute the blade is done and the correct angle. Worth every cent! Great product for sure! I have never sharpened blades so good! They look like a professional job. And how easy it was to get things set up! I can say that the hardest part of the whole process was figuring out the correct blade angle, but once I got that right it was so quick and easy. Thank you for a well made product that performs as advertised.

Oh, and the shipping was excellent. More Testimonials.

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