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Some species have dark colored incursions that make the wood unique. Takes a high, lustrous finish. Species: Goldfield Burl Mallee. Also called Ovangkol and Amazakoue. It has been difficult to obtain over bosl last 10 years due to the internal conflict in Africa.

Are you interested in turning wood Burl Turning Blanks For Sale Price and looking for a place from which to buy bowl blanks in the Seattle, WA area? If so, then you have come to the right place!

NW Imperial Hardwoods offers a good selection of woodturning blanks to meet all types of demands. We cater to a diverse clientele, fulfilling the demand for quality material from highly experienced woodturners as well as novices. As the people who have tried their hand at woodturning will agree, the lure of this craft is incredible and difficult to shake off even after repeated failures in the project. They do need a supply of turning blanks with which to shape the items they have in mind.

We are happy to provide the specific wood to these enthusiasts. Even professionals should feel free to contact us to buy bowl blanks for their Seattle projects. It's one of the owner's favorite woods to turn. It holds an edge nicely and takes a high, ultra-smooth polish. All blanks are freshly cut and wax sealed, making them ideal for twice turning. Please see the range of pictures for the colors you'll find in this stock as Myrtlewood has a diverse color range; no two pieces are alike.

Species: Myrtle. Maple Wood Turning Blanks For Sale Near Me For Bowl Blank 6" x 6" x 6". It is easy to turn, glue and finish though burning is possible if high speeds are used. Maple yields beautiful woodturning projects. These bowl blanks are freshly cut and wax sealed. Minor checks or incursions or a slight rough edge may be present and if so they should easily turn away.

This popular wood species is ideal for a large variety of projects. Claro Walnut Bowl Blank 5" x 5" x 5". Claro Walnut is a unique Walnut species that grows right around the area where Cook Woods is located. Combining beautiful violet and brownish black streaks with vibrant browns, this species is one of our most popular sellers.

It is freshly cut, wax sealed, and contains residual moisture. An occasional sapwood edge or rough edge may be present. Species: Walnut; Claro. Elm Cube 5" x 5" x 5".

These Elm bowl blanks have a beautiful, rich golden color. As well a rough edge may be present. These blanks contain residual moisture. Species: Elm.

Maple Bowl Blank 5" x 5" x 5". Out Of Stock W Bubinga Bowl Blank. Species: Bubinga. Piquiarana Bowl Blank. Species: Piquiarana. Species: Sapele. Red Mallee Burl Bowl Blank. Species: Goldfield Burl Mallee. Black and White Ebony Bowl Blank. Afzelia Burl Bowl Blank. Species: Afzelia Burl. Timborana Bowl Blank. This rare and very beautiful Brazilian species has a range of figure from subtle to Exhibition and Museum grade. All blanks are wax sealed on ends or completely wax sealed. Enjoy working this extraordinary species!

Species: Timborana. Mirindiba Bowl Blank. Species: Mirindiba. Species: Oak. Camphor Burl Bowl Blank. Species: Camphor Burl. Species: Box Elder. Species: Goldfield Burl Red Gum. Figured Pink Ivory Bowl Blank. Species: Pink Ivory.

Thin Win Bowl Blank. Species: Wood Bowl Blanks For Turning King Mixed Woods Thin Win. Can't find that perfect piece of wood? It is easy to work and has a very pungent, spicy scent. For a burl it is remarkably stable. Green to partially air dried. Bocote is an oily wood with a yellowish to dark brown color accented with irregular black stripes and streaks.

It has a spicy smell and is hard, heavy and strong. It is easy to work and takes a very nice polish. This beautiful wood is seldom seen in woodworker's shops. Also called Ovangkol and Amazakoue. This wood is increasingly becoming popular as an acoustic guitar wood.

The color varies from a rich, golden brown to a lustrous grayish brown usually with a black stripe. Native to southern Australia and Tasmania. Yellowish-pink to reddish-pink in color, it is fine-grained, stable in service, and easy to work for both turnery and cabinetry. Takes a very nice, high finish. Called by some woodworkers African Rosewood, Bubinga is a deep, lustrous, brownish-red color with a fine, darker striping.

The figure makes the wood doubly beautiful. It is very hard and heavy and takes a glassy, smooth finish. A fairly rare wood from Southern Africa ranging in color from light pink to watermelon red.

At one time it was described as being "rarer than diamonds". It is very dense, hard and heavy and takes a very high polish. Beautiful for turnery, inlays and other precious items. Most Wenge comes from the interior of the Democratic Republic of the Congo formerly Zaire , and is floated to market on the Congo river.

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