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Pull Strength, lbs. Weld On. Shared-Use Combination Cam Locks. Choose these locks iptimization you need to open several with the same key. Call us! Latching Distance.

Draw Latch Type. For Use On. Cam Latch Type. Turn Direction. Mounting Screw Size. For Maximum Door Thickness. For Cutout Width. Latching Distance Adjustability. For Through Hole Diameter. Cam Style. View catalog pages Cigar Box Latch Hardware Game Send Cancel. How can we improve? Push-to-Close Locks and Latches. Paddle-Handle Push-to-Close Latches. Draw Latches. Weather-Resistant Draw Latches.

Gasket-Sealing Draw Latches. Draw Latches with Safety Catch. Clean Room Draw Latches. Tight-Hold Draw Latches. Ultra-Tight-Hold Draw Latches. Multiple-Strike Draw Latches. Adjustable-Grip Draw Latches. Strikeless Draw Latches. Strikeless Draw Latches with Safety Catch. Nonmarring Strikeless Draw Latches. Strikeless Adjustable-Grip Draw Latches. Turn-to-Open Draw Latches. Snap-Down Draw Latches. Slide-Snap Draw Latches.

Padlockable Draw Latches. Weather-Resistant Padlockable Draw Latches. Tight-Hold Padlockable Draw Latches. Multiple-Strike Padlockable Draw Latches. Adjustable-Grip Padlockable Draw Latches. Strikeless Padlockable Draw Latches. Turn-to-Open Padlockable Draw Latches. Keyed Draw Locks. Open several draw locks with the same key.

Turn-to-Open Keyed Draw Locks. T-Handle Keyed Cigar Box Latch Hardware Module Multipoint Locks. Keyed Cam Locks. Universal Mailbox Keyed Cam Locks. Miniature Keyed Cam Locks. Plastic Keyed Cam Locks. Circular-Keyway Cam Locks. Miniature Circular-Keyway Cam Locks.

Weather-Resistant Keyed Cam Locks. Washdown Keyed Cam Locks. Keyed Alike Cam Locks. Miniature Keyed Alike Cam Locks. Plastic Keyed Alike Cam Locks. Master Keyed Cam Lock Sets. Master Keyed Cam Locks. Replaceable-Cylinder Cam Locks. T-Handle Keyed Cam Locks. Recessed-Handle Keyed Cam Locks. Recessed-Handle Cam Latches.

Combination Cam Locks. Resettable Combination Cam Locks. Shared-Use Combination Cam Locks. Padlockable Hasps. Plastic Padlockable Hasps. Rotating-Eye Padlockable Hasps. Replacement Strikes for Padlockable Hasps. Keyed Hasps. Keyed Alike Hasps. Padlockable Locking Bars for Drawer Cabinets. By using this website, you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. Pedestal 35" Ht. Stainless Steel. Zinc Plated. Nickel Plated. Brass Plated. Chrome Plated. Powder Coated. Plastic Coated. Zinc Yellow- Chromate Plated. Through Hole. Weld On. Magnetic Key Fob. Keyed Alike. Keyed Differently. Like all small towns, we appreciate all our local industries, but are always actively seeking growth. So, if you or your company is considering new site locations, please check us out.

You can click on the image above for information. Lawless Hardware developed this line of restoration, trunk, and jewelry box hardware in response to demand from cabinet makers who were already using us as a supplier for lock sets and hinges and also needed hardware to make small boxes and Jewelry Box Latch Hardware Failure trunks.

Basically they liked our price on hinges and wanted to know if we could take care of their Jewelry Box Latch Hardware Engine other needs. Don't let the prices fool you, these are of equal quality to any other stamped brass parts on the market.

At the time I'm typing this I'd estimate I can name small box and craft makers selling their fine work on Etsy using our locks, corners, etc. Call us! See our full shipping policy.

Buy with confidence. We guarantee the quality of our products. Cyber Monday Sale! NFIB D. Member Chamber of Commerce D. Thanks for visiting our store, Dave Lawless.

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