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Luther Burbank Council. Indian Trails Council Connecticut. Camp Mahonegon offers unparalleled recreational opportunities. Allegheny County, West Council. Copper Country Council.

Adirondack Mountain Club Executive Director Neil Woodworth, at a hiker-education event last summer, is retiring at the end of Mike Lynch, Adirondack Explorer. SARANAC LAKE — The best time to have been an Adirondack tourist was perhaps in the latter part of the 19th Century, when hotels were going up, wholesale swaths of forest had yet to be mowed down and anyone with a canoe and a Wallace guidebook was basically free to wander wherever mood and muscle would allow.

The history was not lost on Neil Woodworth years ago, as he dipped his paddle in waters that had been closed to the public since the days of the Lombard steam-powered log tractor. It was a seminal moment in the 30 years that Woodworth spent with the Adirondack Mountain Club, as he inventoried lands for potential acquisition by the state.

It is now possible, Woodworth said, to see a time when Adirondack travelers can — as they did in the s — pack up a canoe and go most anywhere they please. Although Woodworth in no way foresaw the Adirondack Mountain Club in his future, there were unseen hands that seemed to be pushing him in that direction.

He had the outdoors imprinted on him from a young age, when his dad would take him fly fishing and he joined a Boy Scout troop that was classically Adirondack in nature — its leaders had little use for parade pageantry, but they knew the woods.

But oddly enough, it was an insurance case he handled that ushered in his entry to the ADK staff. They developed acute frostbite, and sued the club, contending that someone should have come looking for them when they did not return their gear on time.

As an ADK member who just happened to have experience as an insurance litigator, Woodworth stepped in to help. At the same time, two ADK staff members were leaving their jobs, and the club saw the wisdom of hiring someone with a law degree. It was not entirely an easy call: Woodworth was on a path to being a well-compensated private attorney. The roof is in fair condition.

Dining Hall The dining hall is a wood-frame structure with a concrete floor slab and metal siding. The indoor segments include a commercial grade kitchen, storage rooms, a walk-in cooler and a half bath. This structure seats , has a large stone fireplace, and is heated and cooled with suspended units.

It is served with electric and gas. It is heated and is estimated to sleep The Craft Hut is served with electricity but has no heat. This building sleeps 8. Winter Lodge The Winter Lodge is served with gas and electric.

It is wood-sided with a shingle roof. The Winter Lodge is heated, has a kitchenette with stove and refrigerator, and has a frost-free water hydrant but no sink.

A port-a-pot serves this building. There are three toilets and two sinks in each of the bathrooms. The Pavilion has electricity and the furnace and hot water heater are gas fueled. Storage Units Behind the Dining Hall there is a structure containing four storage units. This structure is set on a wood pier foundation with a metal roof and wood siding. Adirondack Shelters There are six Adirondack style shelters on the property.

Each shelter sits on a concrete pad, is open on the front side and sleeps 8. It is wired for electric and plumbed for gas. This structure is wood sided, with a shingle roof which is reportedly in fair condition. It is served by electricity and gas and is heated. There is a small kitchen and a bathroom with shower, toilet and sink. Birthplace of Rivers Birthplace of Rivers is a term used to describe that portion of the Allegheny Mountains in eastern West Virginia where many notable rivers source.

In its most specific sense the term had been employed since the early s to describe the highland area where Randolph, Pocahontas, and Pendleton counties meet. Most of the highest summits in West Virginia are contained within the three counties, and it is here that the waters of the Elk, Cheat, Jackson, Greenbrier, Tygart Valley, and the South Branch of the Potomac arise.

The waters of the Cherry, Gauley, Cranberry, Williams, Buckhannon, and Little Kanawha rivers also arise in this highland area though are not generally included among those that source among the very highest peaks. The tract Best Folding Adirondack Chair Plans would include 50, acres in the Cranberry Wilderness area. The Buckhannon River is its largest tributary.

The main tributary of the Tygart is the Buckhannon River, which joins the Tygart upstream from Philippi. European first settled in the Tygart Valley in when David Tygart, for whom the river is named for, and Robert Files located separately with their families in the vicinity of present-day Beverly, West Virginia.

A party of Indians raided the Files home and killed seven members of the family. One son escaped and warned the Tygarts, allowing the entire family to escape. No other European settlements are known to have been attempted in the valley until Monongahela Valley Region The Monongahela Valley Region of northern West Virginia includes farmlands known historically for their rye and buckwheat production, though the region is best known today as a center for education and technology.

Three of the largest cities in West Virginia — Fairmont, Clarksburg, and Morgantown — are located in the Monongahela region. West Virginia University, the largest university in West Virginia, is seated in Morgantown; and its mascot, the Mountaineer, shares its name with the region, which is often known as Mountaineer Country.

Resorts on Cheat and Stonewall Jackson lakes are centerpieces for luxury home development. Natural gas production is a primary industry in the western region. The region roughly corresponds to the Mountaineer Country travel region of Interstate 79 that travels southwest to northeast through the region, roughly following the valley of the Monongahela River and its west fork as it passes through the cities of Weston, Clarksburg, Fairmont, and Morgantown enroute between Charleston, WV, in the south, and Pittsburgh, in the north.

Interstate 68 branches off I south of Morgantown and bears eastward into Maryland. It is a renowned destination for outdoor recreation. Hunting, fishing, caving, hiking, biking, and skiing are extremely Adirondack Chair Plans This Old House Quote popular pursuits.

Five ski areas are located within the region. Interstate 68 travels through the north of this mountainous region, and I skirts its southern margins, through high-speed travel is otherwise limited. Highways US and WV are principal north-south routes. Navigable for its entire length due to a system of locks and dams, the river drains a basin of 7, square miles.

An ancient predecessor river was once blocked by glacier ice north of Pittsburgh to form the prehistoric Lake Monongahela, which occupied portions of present Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. The Monongahela watershed includes much of north-central West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania, and western Maryland. The Cheat River joins the Monongahela in Pennsylvania just north of Morgantown, and another major tributary, the Youghiogheny River, enters near Pittsburgh.

The Monongahela National Forest was established in and is encompasses about one million acres. Located in the north central highlands of West Virginia, the Monongahela straddles the highest ridges in the State.

Variations in terrain and precipitation have created one of the most ecologically diverse National Forests in the country. Visitors to this Adirondack Chair Plans This Old House Zip beautiful forest enjoy breathtaking vistas, peaceful country roads, gently flowing streams, and glimpses of the many species of plants and animals that inhabit the Forest. The landscape goals for management of the Monongahela are for a largely natural appearing and diverse forest, which provides outstanding dispersed recreation opportunities and supporting developed facilities.

Dispersed recreation opportunities abound for hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking and so on. Developed sites provide the tourism destination facilities and base camps so important to the efforts of local Convention and Visitor Bureaus, local communities, and other non-government agencies.

Forest Plan Management Prescriptions favor non-motorized recreation for ecological reasons. In addition to the second-growth forest trees, the wide range of botanical species found includes rhododendron, laurel on the moist west side of the Allegheny Front, and cactus and endemic shale barren species on the drier eastern slopes.

There are known species of birds inhabiting the MNF: are known to breed there, 89 are Neotropical migrants; 71 transit the forest during migration, but do not breed there, and 17 non-breeding species are Neotropical. The forest provides habitat for 9 federally listed endangered or threatened species: 2 bird species, 2 bat species, 1 subspecies of flying squirrel, 1 salamander species, and 3 plant species. Larger animals and game species found in the forest include black bear, wild turkey, white-tailed deer, gray and fox squirrels, rabbits, snowshoe hare, woodcock, and grouse.

Limited waterfowl habitat exists in certain places. Furbearers include beaver, red and gray fox, bobcat, fisher, river otter, raccoon and mink. Other hunted species include coyotes, skunks, opossums, woodchucks, crows, and weasels.

There are 12 species of game pan fish and 60 species of non-game or forage fish. Agent Contact: Richard Grist, Rockler Adirondack Plans 40 Fresh water for drinking and cooking would come from springs and the drilled water wells hand drawing water from the wells using a cylinder well bucket. The river could provide hydro-powered electricity The river and forest would provide fresh food fish, deer, and turkey.

The agricultural land would be used to raise livestock, vegetable gardens, berry patches, fruit orchards, and row crops of corn, oats and barley. Beehives would provide honey and beeswax for candles. The vast forest would provide firewood for heating and cooking, lumber for building, maple syrup and pounds of nuts walnuts, beechnuts and hickory nuts. Additional ephemeral streams flow during rain events and snow melt. Fourth District Council. Fox River Valley Council.

Fox Valley Council. Foxboro Council. Francis Scott Key Council. Frankfort Council. Frederick Council. Frederick County Council. Fredericksburg Council. Fremont Council. Front Royal Council. Frostburg Council. Fruit Belt Area Council. Fulton County Council. Gainesville Area Council. Galesburg Council. Galva Council. Galveston Council. Galveston County Council. Gardner Council. Garfield County Council. Garvin and McClain Area Council. Gary Council. Gastonia Council.

General Greene Council. General Herkimer Council. General Sullivan Council. Geneseo Council. George H. Lanier Council. George Rogers Clark Area Council. George Rogers Clark Council. George Washington Council. Georgia-Alabama Council. Gerald R. Ford Council. Gila Grande Council. Gitche Gumee Council. Glacier Park Area Council.

Gladstone Council. Glen Ellyn Council. Glen Ridge Council. Glencoe Council. Glendale Council. Glens Falls Council. Gloucester-Salem Council. Governor Clinton Council. Grady County Council. Grand Canyon Council.

Grand Forks Area Council. Grand Forks Council. Grand Forks County Council. Grand Haven Council. Grand Island Council. Grand Rapids Area Council. Grand Valley Council. Granite City Council. Grant County Council. Grayback Council. Grays Harbor County Council. Grayson County Council. Great Falls Area Council. Great Falls Council. Great Plains Area Council.

Great Salt Lake Council. Great Salt Plains Council. Great Sauk Trail Council. Great Southwest Area Council. Great Trails Council. Great Western Council. Greater Boston Council. Greater Grand Forks Area Council. Greater Jacksonville Council. Greater Johnstown Area Council. Greater Lowell Council. Greater New York Advisory Council. Greater New York Council. Greater Pittsburgh Council. Greater Providence Area Council. Greater Springfield Area Council. Green Bay Area Council.

Green Bay Council. Green Mountain Council. Greene County Council. Greenfield Council. Greensboro Council. Greenville Council. Greenwich Council. Griffin Area Council. Groton Council. Grove City Council. Guadalupe Valley Area Council. Gulf Coast Council Texas. Gulf Hills Council. Guyasuta Council. Halifax Council. Hall County Council. Hamilton Council. Hampden County Council. Hampshire County Council. Hampshire-Franklin Council. Hampton Council. Hancock County Council. Harding Area Council. Harlan Council.

Harris County Council. Harrisburg Area Council. Harrisburg Council. Harrison Trails Council. Hartford Council. Hartington Council. Harvard Council. Hayes Area Council. Hazleton Council. Headwaters Area Council. Heart O' Texas Council. Helena Council. Hemet-San Jacinto Valley Council. Hendrick Hudson Council. Hennepin County Council. Herkimer County Council. Hiawatha Area Council. Hiawatha Council. Hiawatha Seaway Council. Longhouse Council Hiawathaland Council. High Bridge Council.

High Point Council. Highland Park Council. Hillsborough County Council. Hoboken Council. Holland Council. Holyoke Area Council. Homestead Council. Homestead District Council. Honolulu Council. Honolulu County Council. Hoosier Council. Hoosier Hills Area Council. Hopkinsville-Clarksville Council. Hoquiam Council. Hot Springs Council. Houghton Council. Houston Area Council. Hudson Council. Hudson Liberty Council. Hudson-Delaware Council. Hudson-Hamilton Council.

Huntington Area Council. Huntington Council. Huron Area Council. Huroquois Council. Hutchinson Council. Hutchinson River Council. Idaho Falls Council. Idaho Panhandle Council. Illiana Council. Illini Area Council.

Imperial County Council. Imperial Yuma Council. Independence Council Kansas. Independence Council Missouri. Indian Creek Council. Indian Trails Council Connecticut. Indian Trails Council Wisconsin. Indiana County Council. Indiana Harbor Council.

Indianapolis Council. Indianhead Council. Inland Empire Council. Inter-City Council. Iola Council. Ionia Council. Iowa City Area Council. Iowa City Council. Iowa River Valley Council. Iron Range Council Minnesota. Iron Range Council Michigan. Ironwood Council. Iroquois Council. Iroquois Trail Council. Irvington Council. Isaac Shelby Council. Jackson Area Council. Jackson County Council. Jacksonville Council. Jamesburg Council. Jamestown Council.

Janesville Council. Je-Ste-Co Council. Jefferson City Area Council. Jefferson City Council. Jefferson County Council. Jefferson Lewis Council. Jefferson-Stephens Area Council. Jersey City Council. Jesup Council. Jim Bridger Council. John A. Logan Council.

Johnny Appleseed Area Council. Johnson City Council. Johnstown Council. Joliet Council. Jonesboro Council. Joplin Council. Kalamazoo Area Council. Kalamazoo Council.

Kalamazoo Fruitbelt Area Council. Kalispell Council. Kanawha Area Council. Kankakee Council. Kansas City Area Council. Kansas City Council. Kanza Council. Kaskaskia Council. Kaskaskie Council. Kaw Council. Kearney Council. Kedeka Area Council. Keemosahbee Council. Kenosha Council. Kenosha County Council. Kentucky-West Virginia Council. Kentucky, Daniel Boone Council. Keokuk Council. Kern County Council. Kettle-Moraine Council.

Kewanee Council. Keystone Area Council. Keystone York-Adams Council. Kiamichi Area Council. Kickapoo Area Council. Kickapoo Council. Kikthawenund Area Council. Kingston Council. Kingsville Council. Kirksville Council. Kit Carson Council. Kittaning-Ford City Council. Klamath County Council.

Knox County Council. Knox-Warren Council. Knoxville Area Council. Kokomo Council. Kootaga Area Council. La Fayette Council. Lacrosse Council.

Lafollette Council. Lagrande Council. Lake Agassiz Council. Lake Bonneville Council. Lake Charles Council. Lake County Council. Lake Huron Area Council. Lake of The Ozarks Council. Lake Region District Council. Lake Shore Council. Lake Superior Council. Lakeland Council. Lamar County Council. Lancaster Council. Lancaster County Council. Lancaster-Lebanon Council. Land O' Lakes Council. Land of The Oneidas Council. Lane County Council. Lansing Council. Las Animas County Council. Lawrence Council.

Lawrence County Council. Lebanon County Council. Lehigh County Council. Leighton Council. Lemars Council. Lenape Area Council.

Leonia Council. Lewis-Clark Area Council. Lewis-Clark Council. Lewisburg Council. Lewiston Council. Lewiston Trail Council. Lexington Council. Liberal Council. Libertyville Council. Licking County Council. Lima Council. Limestone County Council. Lincoln Council Illinois. Lincoln Council Nebraska. Lindsay Council. Linn County Council. Lisbon Council.

Little Rock Council. Pulaski County Llano Estacado Council. Lockport Area Council. Cache Valley Logan County Council Illinois. Logan County Council West Virginia. Logan-Boone Area Logan-Boone Area Council.

Logan-Boone-Mingo Area Logan-Boone-Mingo Area Council. Logansport Council. Loma Prieta District Council. Lone Star Area Council. Lone Star Council. Lone Tree Council. Lonesome Pine Council. Long Beach Council. Long Beach District Council.

Long Rivers Council. Long Trail Council. Longmont Council. Longs Peak Council. Los Angeles Area Council. Merged with San Gabriel Valley Council Greater Los Angeles Area Council Los Angeles Council. Los Angeles Metro. Area Council. Lost River Area Council. Louis Agassiz Fuertes Council. Louisville Council. Lowell Area Council.

Lowell Council. Lower Rio Grande Valley Council. Luther Burbank Council. Lycoming County Council. Lynchburg Council. Macomb County Council. Merged with Oakland Area

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