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Can this frame just rest on concrete floor without any deep footing in the ground? I typically use a chisel to just bend over the pieces until the majority break off then chisel up the bottom flush but a claw on a hammer also works. Building build Build Your Own Swing Frame Unity a frame for a porch swing english top of the posts. Now that the legs are staged in their final position, I grabbed the bottom stretcher and simply set it in place directly onto of the legs. Add waterproof glue to the joints, in order to increase the rigidity of the structure.

Also check out my plans for a different style of porch swing stand that has shade built in! The entire plan is included in one PDF document. Most everyone will have a PDF reader installed on their computer already but if you do not you can use the free program Adobe Reader to view the plans.

The checkout process for this plan uses PayPal. You can use major credit or debit cards through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. To purchase the plan follow the link below. Ok, good to go! I hauled the stretcher over to the miter saw to cut it to length. After repeating for the top stretcher I started adding glue and attaching things.

Since this is an outdoor project be sure to use a water proof wood glue on any joints. I applied a good amount then slipped in the stretchers.

I attached things using three outdoor rated screws per connection, however if you wanted an upgrade, two bolts on each location would be a good choice. Ok lets stand up the two ends and connect the two. This step is certainly easier to call in a friend for help.

The thing to pay attention to here is I left the beam a little long so there would be a nice over hang on either end. So I just had to make sure the distance it was overhanging was correct before I drove in the screws. I placed screws in from both sides, but again bolts would be an upgraded option here. Perfect, moving on. Now to the inside of the frame I first cut then added in some gussets. These are a small part compared to everything else on the build but they are important to keep the frame from being able to rack left and right.

I quickly cut both sides to the needed angle then lined them up to be center to the header and the top stretcher. Gussets are added, which adds rigidity so lets add the swing and give it a test run! I added in some eye lets to the top header beam then hung up my swing. Ok lets add on two more additions. There is some built in wasted space on frames because since the swing needs to be inside the gussets on the frame, however long the gussets are is just open space.

To put it to some sort of use, I built in some little end tables, if you will. This gave me the area I needed to take away to make a matching arm. I cut the waste out at the bandsaw then glued these pieces into place. Next I cut up and sanded a few fence pickets to make the top deck boards. After lining them up, I secured them into place with screws. My porch swing does come with a cup holder in both arms, which seems to be the most valuable. Or maybe even a bluetooth speaker for some music.

Ok, last detail! A top Build A Frame For Swing Effect cap. This is just for aesthetics but I think gives the frame a more complete look. After sanding down a board, I cut it to length Build A Frame For A Porch Swing Free then used a few screws to secure it to the top of the beam.

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