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Use a free porch swing plan to build your family a place to sit and gather during the warm months and cuddle under a blanket when the evenings get chilly. This is a project you can feel good about making and it will be used for many generations to come. Building a porch swing is a fairly simple woodworking project perfect for the beginner or intermediate builder and will be a unique addition to your patio furniture.  This free porch swing plan will give you everything you need so you can build a beautiful porch swing. It has an extra high back to make it super comfortable. Included in the porch swing plan are illustrations, diagrams, written directions, materials, and tools list, cut list, finishing instructions, and color photos of the finished project. Building a wooden swing for your porch is a straight forward project if you use the right plans for your needs, as well as proper tools and carpentry techniques. In order to get the job done properly, you should follow teh step by step instructions and take accurate measurements. Top Tip: Align all the component at both ends, before locking them with screws. Use a spirit level to level the seat and to plumb the sides of the porch swing.  After assembling the frame of the porch swing, you should build the armrests and install them into place. As you should notice in the image, you have to build several components and secure them to the seat and back supports. Build the frame of the armrests from 1×2 lumber and secure them to the supports. Drill pilot holes and insert the 3” wood screws. Porch Swings Porch swings can be hanging swings that are anchored to a strong, weight-bearing beam or they can be gliders that slide back and forth on a frame. They can be purchased as part of an entire outdoor furniture set or purchased separately as stand-alone pieces. Purpose of a Swing Canopy For a number of different reason, you might chose to install a swing canopy. You may not have a covered patio and might want some protection from the elements while sitting in the swing. Or you may have a covered patios or porch but might not trust the patio beam to support a porch swing. Often you ma.

Lets get into the process. I started off by flipping out the wings on my miter saw stand and cutting down the material that fkr make up the four legs. After cutting the angle on the bottom of the leg, I went to the top and used a template to trace the needed top profile. BTW: a template for this shape comes with a set the purchase of a set awing plans. After tracing the shape, I used a bandsaw to cut it out. If not, a jigsaw would also work.

After I got one of the legs fully cut on top and bottom, I used it to trace the different cuts on the remaining three build a frame for a porch swing free then repeated with the cutting process. With this project being so large, I find it easiest to work directly on the floor of my shop instead of a workbench.

I laid out all four legs in the orientation they would end up, then started marking the locations of the stretchers. These are the pieces that will span from leg to leg. To make a cleaner build a frame for a porch swing free finish project and also a stronger connection, I decided to make buld a half lap joint.

I measured up from the end of the leg on all four then making sure the top profile cut was touching, I pulled out a tape measure to the dimension the bottom splay needed to be then made sure the legs were build a frame for a porch swing free as far a part as they should be.

Now that the legs are staged in their final position, I grabbed the bottom stretcher and simply set it in place directly onto of the legs. Here, Pordh made sure the board landed on my pencil marks on both legs, then used a pencil to mark the top and also the bottom. This will indicate where the half lap on the build a frame for a porch swing free needs to be cut in.

Then before moving the board, I went to the underside…you might need a short pencil to do this…. Now on to making all of the half laps, to do this you want to set the depth of your saw to half the overall depth of your material. Then you take out half the material at the connection, on both boards being joined together. If you go the same route as me and use a circular sawthen a quick method is to make multiple cuts with the saw where the material needs to be removed.

I typically use a chisel to just bend over the pieces until the majority break off then chisel up the bottom flush but a build a frame for a porch swing free on a hammer also works. After knocking out one, I would set the part back into place on the floor then repeat on the next one. BTW: If you want to simplify this project you can skip the half laps and just face screw the stretchers plrch the inside of the frame. However, this does give it a pretty tidy look at the end.

If you go the half lap route, Build A Door Frame For A Shed Game I always take my time making the first two cuts to establish the boundary of joint, then zoom away to cut out all the inside cuts. I always recommend dry fitting your fram before applying any glue so this is just a dry run for me, as you can see, the stretcher is still left long at this point. Ok, good to go! I hauled the stretcher over to the miter saw to cut it to length. After repeating for the top stretcher I started adding glue and attaching things.

Since this is an outdoor project be sure to use a water proof wood glue on any joints. I applied a good amount then slipped in the stretchers.

I attached things using three outdoor rated screws per connection, however if you wanted an upgrade, two bolts on each location builr Build A Frame For Swing Effect be a good choice. Ok lets stand up the two ends and connect the two. This step is certainly easier to call in a friend for help. The thing to fraem attention to here fgame I left the beam a little long so there pocrh be porcb nice over hang on either end.

So I just had to make sure the distance it was overhanging was z before I drove in the screws. I placed screws in from both sides, but again bolts would be an upgraded option here.

Perfect, moving on. Now to the inside of the frame I first cut then added in some gussets. These are a small part compared to everything else on the build but they are important to keep the frame from being able to rack left and right.

I quickly cut both sides to the needed angle then freee them up to be center to the header and the top stretcher. Gussets are added, which adds rigidity so lets add the swing fog give it a test run! I added in some eye lets ;orch the top header beam then hung up my swing. Ok lets add on two more additions.

There is some built in wasted space on frames because since the swing needs to be inside the gussets on the frame, however long the gussets are is just ffree space.

To put it to some sort of use, I built in some little end tables, if you will. This gave me the area I needed to take away to make a matching arm. I cut the waste out at the bandsaw then glued pprch pieces into place. Next I cut up and sanded a few fence pickets to make the top deck boards. After lining them up, I secured them into place build a frame for a porch swing free screws.

My porch swing does come with a cup holder in both arms, which seems to be the most valuable. Or maybe even a bluetooth builld build a frame for a porch swing free some music. Ok, last detail! A top cap. This is just for aesthetics but I think gives the lorch a more complete look. After sanding down a board, I cut it to length then used a few screws swjng secure it to the top of the beam. Annnnd done. It can be a bit awkward to move this big heavy thing but it definitely can be done with two people.

Or it could be built in place. I fere mine out in front of my shop so I have a nice place to go take a call or relax at the end of the day. If you purchase a set of plans or templates from me, then a big thank you for fres what I do.

Perfect, moving on. Now to the inside of the frame I first cut then added in some gussets. These are a small part compared to everything else on the build but they are important to keep the frame from being able to rack left and right. I quickly cut both sides to the needed angle then lined them up to be center to the header and the top stretcher. DIY Home; Forums; New Posts; Login; Register; View Full Site; Advertising; Toggle navigation. subscribe. Plumb the side frames for the swing stand. In addition make sure the corners are square. Fit the braces to the frame of the stand, drill pilot holes through the braces and insert 5 1/2″ screws into the framing. Base-braces—swing-stand. Fit the 2×6 braces to the base of the A-frames.

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