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It was wondering if I could use this write-up on my other website, I will link it back to your website though. Once the blocks were secured to build a frame for tv error wall, we put the frame fir on the TV, and checked to make sure everything trame in place and level. I used a staple gun to staple it to the inside of my frame and then slipped the elastic around the TV to slide the frame on. And I love your media cabinet under your TV too! Best soundbar i've ever had and I've been though some of the top Yamaha ranges. Trackbacks […] 2 source: domesticimperfection.

The frame at this point was very sturdy, but it will be installed so that the top board is holding the entire weight of the frame. More on that tomorrow. So I wanted to give it a bit more reinforcement by adding two spacers, cut from leftover hardwood flooring boards, and glued and nailed into the inside and outside boxes of the frame. And as a last step, I wanted to do something to hide this area where the frame meets the inside box. With the basic build finished, I filled all of the nail holes with wood filler and then sanded them smooth.

I still have quite a bit of caulking to do so that all of these separate pieces i. And then, of course, I need to paint the whole thing and get it installed. I had considered green, but when I brought the frame in yesterday and propped it up on the buffet, I realized that I the white looks really pretty in the room.

So I might test out both before making a final decision. The nutshell version is that my priority this month needs to be cleaning out my garage and storage room so that work can begin on my studio. Adding the pantry into the mix this month just feels stressful, and not in a good way.

I also want to have my plans in place for the pantry so that I can jump in with both feet on that project on June 1st. The TV frame is now finished and installed in my breakfast room! Click here to see the finished project …. The TV frame that is your inspiration is very cool! Love the frame idea! I think this would be a great place to just go for the white. I want one! We have a TV mounted above the dresser in our room, and when you walk in the room you can see it from the side. So of course you see all the wires in back and the mounting bracket too.

This would be perfect. Basement work is priority one now so family can use it in June. Wise of you to put off the pantry, and take time thinking how you will use it while you get the garage and storage emptied. One thing I will mention for the pantry is pull out shelves on the lowers. We just got them and I love them! I only wish the side rails were taller, so I could stack things high without them getting caught.

I hate the wasted space in corners, or the dead areas that are tough to reach! Looks great thus far. Love that particular casing molding and have used it for a few projects. My fav is around my bathroom mirror with mosaic tile on the flat area. Great idea with the mosaic! I was wanting something more decorative than the casing or Build A Door Frame For A Shed Game crown that I could find, but that would entail buying some expensive moulding, so I could go with the casing and jazz it up with mosaic!

Excellent idea! Timely post! Looks great! Also purchased an inexpensive IR repeater so the remotes work with the equipment stored in the cabinet below. We found that our frame is lightweight enough that we have just attached it to the wall with stick-on hook and loop. Brilliant idea! I just pushed it against the wall! Welcome to My Year Old Home. You will find all this and more right here. Read more…. Thank you for the photos and instructions on building the tv wall frame.

Can you tell me where the control box sits? Great idea! I think it looks really good! I did google on the heat generated by a tv and whether or not it would be harmful to box it in. But you could easily just drill some holes in the top board and get some ventilation. Love the look of this, but where is the cable box?? So many questions as to how there are no wires showing and where the cable box sits. I was wondering the same. I love yours, Leslie!! As always, you have amazing ideas.

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Hi Ashley! This is such a great idea! A TV can often be an eyesore in a room, but you have created a way to make it look so inconspicuous. I have never seen one framed in like this before.

Very creative! I found you by way of EBA. I would love for you to link your project up to my link party at Homestyle Gathering via Serving Up Southern. Cords are a pet peeve for me, so I love this project! It looks so finished and not like all the technology is all up in your business.

I also love the wood doors and top of the media cabinet. Is that the pecan wood you have used for other things? Every DIY enthusiast should follow this! In this way of working wood glue is a vital issue. Sharing is always encouraged! Please keep in mind that all images and text on this site are property of Domestic Imperfection. Feel free use one or two photos provided that a link back to the original post is included. Please do not remove any watermarks, crop, or edit any images without first obtaining written permission from me.

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