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I also always place a piece of scrap wood under the piece I was drilling ccalendar you an see in the pictures to reduce tearing and splinting as the drill bit exited the base of the wood. Joyn Toys. I made 5 container cars build a toy advent calendar 40 days sliding doors for the train. You can see the finish product in the last picture. I hope you found this advnet fun project. Lastly I cut fence planks from thin scrap wood, and glued three planks to the two fence posts in each section.

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I then did everything as described for the other passenger cars. I glued the walls together, drilled out windows and doors, and marked the underside of the roof plate with the outline of the walls. The only difference with this design is really the roof. This design includes a small cupola on the roof.

Here is the finished product for each design. Both designs include a removable roof for access for treats. I also cut some slices from a 1. I then drilled slowly into each. This allowed for a tighter fit for the outside smaller circle, and a loose fit for the larger actual wheel to spin. Note: Drill very slowly into each wheel to reduce the risk of cracking and to avoid the drill catching hold of the wheel and spinning it.

I then took each body block and marked where the wheels would go. I put a little glue in each hole and pushed the wheel peg in. There you go. The wheels were designed to be aesthetic rather than functional. They turn but are not perfectly aligned and even. Lastly, for the train, I created links to connect all of the body blocks. The strips were about 1. I marked then so that they are uniform.

And sanded the ends into a smooth flowing rounded edge. The last thing I made was a Tunnel house to mark the days and have the train emerge from. I glued 4 planks together for each side and cut the tops to a 30 degree pivot to follow the roof angle. For the face I glued pieces together and then trimmed the bottom flush with the side. I brought the planks together at a 30 degree angle in the middle as you can see in the picture.

For the roof, I took some of the weathered looking excess wood left over from the milling process and made roof planks. I cut each one to fit and glued them along the face and walls. I cut a total of 12 of them as I will need a plate for 0, 2 for 1, 2 for 2, and 1 for 3 through 9. I then wrote the numbers on each plate. NOTE: I bought a set of number stamps and intend to redo them with the stamps on the back. I hung all of the plate inside the Tunnel until they are needed. As I originally stated, this calendar was designed to emerge from the tunnel one new section each day of advent.

The number of the day would reflect the day of advent as in the picture above. Eventually the train could wrap around the Christmas Tree. Finally, I bought a bunch of candy and treats and filled the section of the train as illustrated in the picture above. Your instructions and pictures will make it easy for anyone to build a train. Any tips on maintenance of the train? Good luck in the contest. Great job, the engine house advent countdown is a brilliant touch! Reply 5 years ago.

Introduction: Toy Train Advent Calendar. By boddhi15 Follow. More by the author:. I did not glue the roof on, as I intended it to be removable to claim the treat for that day. I will discuss the wheel assembly at the end, as the process was the same for all body sections.

To fill the hole in the sides, I made a template and used it to cut two filler triangles. To start off I did the same thing as every other stage, i cut the walls and roof.

I then marked each, as well as possible, in the dead center. I took each piece and trimmed off all four corners at a 30 degree angle on the mitre box. However, it could just as easily be placed out in full and opened one day at a time. Here is the end result. I hope you found this a fun project.

Happy Making, and Happy Holidays! Runner Up in the 2x4 Contest View Contest. Did you make this project? Share it with us! I Made It! Pirate Treasure Hunt Game by mrdebos in Cardboard. Calculate Pi by Throwing Sausages by snowbiscuit in Education. SusieS17 4 years ago. Reply Upvote. Really nice idea!

TheWoodfather 5 years ago. Kreat0r 5 years ago. TheGreyWolfe 5 years ago. This is amazing.

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