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Social Distancing. This is voice acting!! Triple Station Chin-Up Bars. Ducky Wallpaper. Arch Glirer. Physicians have determined that kids need a minimum of one hour of physical activity every day.

Wilbur and Orville Wright had successfully solved the problem of control in flight. Next, they needed to build an aircraft that had both control and motorized power. The Wrights needed an engine that would be powerful enough to lift a plane from the ground, but not weigh it down significantly. After contacting a number of engine manufacturers and not finding any engines light enough for their task, the Wrights realized that in order to get an engine with the specifications they needed, they must design and build their own.

While the Wilbur and Orville Wright designed the engine, it was the clever and able Charlie Taylor, a machinist who worked with the Wright brothers in their bicycle shop, who built it -- carefully crafting each individual, unique piece. With little experience working with engines, the three men managed to put together a 4-cylinder, 8 horsepower, gasoline engine that weighed pounds in just six weeks. However, after some testing, the engine block cracked.

It took another two months to make a new one, but this time, the engine had a whopping 12 horsepower. Another engineering struggle was determining the shape and size of the propellers. Orville and Wilbur would constantly discuss the intricacies of their engineering problems. Although they hoped to find solutions in nautical engineering books, they ultimately discovered their own answers through trial, error, and lots of discussion.

When the engine was completed and the two propellers created, Wilbur and Orville placed these into their newly built, foot long, spruce-and-ash framed Flyer. With the finished product weighing pounds, the Wright brothers hoped that the motor would be strong enough to lift the plane.

It was time to test their new, controlled, motorized aircraft. Technical difficulties and weather problems delayed the first test until December 14, Wilbur and Orville flipped a coin to see who would get to make the first test flight and Wilbur won.

However, there wasn't enough wind that day, so the Wright brothers took the Flyer up to a hill and flew it. Although it did take flight, it crashed at the end and needed a couple days to repair. Nothing definitive was gained from this flight since the Flyer had taken off from a hill. On December 17, , the Flyer was fixed and ready to go.

The weather was cold and windy, with winds reported around 20 to 27 miles per hour. The brothers tried to wait until the weather improved but by 10 a. The two brothers, plus several helpers, set up the foot monorail track that helped keep the Flyer in line for lift-off.

Since Wilbur had won the coin toss on December 14, it was Orville's turn to pilot. Orville clambered onto the Flyer , laying flat on his tummy on the middle of the bottom wing. The biplane, which had a foot 4-inch wingspan, was ready to go.

Around 40 feet along the track, the Flyer took flight , staying in the air for 12 seconds and traveling feet from liftoff. They had done it. They had made the very first flight with a manned, controlled, powered, heavier-than-air aircraft. The men were excited about their triumph but they were not done for the day. They went back inside to warm up by a fire and then went back outside for three more flights. The fourth and final flight proved their best. During that last flight, Wilbur piloted the Flyer for 59 seconds over feet.

After the fourth test flight, a strong gust of wind blew the Flyer over, making it tumble and breaking it so severely that it would never be flown again. Over the next several years, the Wright Brothers would continue perfecting their airplane designs but would suffer a major setback in when they were involved in the first fatal airplane crash. Four years later, having recently returned from a six-month trip to Europe for business, Wilbur Wright became ill with typhoid fever.

Single Station Waist Twister. Single Station Sky Walker. Double Station Back Massage. Single Station Exercise Bike. Double Station Retractors.

Double Station Shoulder Rotation. Double Station Arm Rotation. Single Station Rower. Triple Station Chin-Up Bars.

Single Station Country Skier. Double Station Glider. Double Station Pendulum Swing. Double Station Sky Walker. Double Station Pommel Horse. Single Station Rower with Back. Single Station Wide Pendulum Swing. Double Station Leg Press. Single Station Horizontal Ladder. Double Station Sit Up Bench. Royal Double Station Chin Up. Quad Station Warm-Up.

Royal Double Station Overhead Twister. Royal Double Station Hamstring Stretch. Royal Double Station Pendulum Swing. Royal Double Station Arm Rotation. Royal Double Station Back Massage. Royal Double Station Shoulder Rotation. Double Station Chest Press. Royal Double Station Torso Twist. Double Station Lat Pulldown. Royal Double Station Dip. Royal Double Station Leg Press. Royal Double Station Sky Walker. Royal Double Station Fit Rider. Royal Double Station Country Skier. Royal Triple Station Pendulum Swing.

Royal Double Station Rower. Royal Triple Station Leg Press. Royal Double Station Lat Pulldown. Royal Double Station Chest Press. Royal Triple Station Dip. Royal Triple Station Fit Rider. Royal Triple Station Sky Walker. Royal Triple Station Country Skier. Pages: 1 2. Child Health Physicians have determined that kids need a minimum of one hour of physical activity every day. Adult Health Fitness items like a playground chin-up bar or a leg press can turn your recreational space into an outdoor gym and help adults to stay fit and active.

Commercial Playground Equipment. Fitness Course 6. Fitness Double

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