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An Income Collector. Buy the territory to the west of the waterfall. Avengers 6 products. Dragon Ball Z 49 products. Buy land south of Circus Territory

Donation is charged to your phone bill. Taking part in the Toy Mountain campaign is easy! Simply donate online, or purchase a new toy and place it unwrapped in an official donation bin before December 18th. Click here to make an online cash donation and let us do the shopping for you. Another great way to take part is to Build A Toy Sailboat Quote create your own toy collection bin at work or school.

We realize this may not be possible this season! Connect with us on social media to share your collection using the hashtag MyToyMountain OR email a photo or video of your haul to Toy. Hop down through the gap on the right and activate the Hydro pillar to cause the water level to rise for a time.

Grab the chest dead ahead, then power the pillar again to lift you up to the broken staircase. Follow the corridor and you'll enter a room with three locked Hydro pillars and a switch. Use Childe's melee stance to take care of the Pyro Slimes that appear, activate the now unlocked pillars, and interact with the switch to open the door ahead. This allows both you Build A Toy Mountain Online and Teucer to move into the two rooms ahead. Activate the respawn gate to the left and crack open the chest.

Through the gap ahead, you'll see Teucer fiddling with the switch in his room. Head to the right of the room and drop into the chamber below. Take out the Electro Slimes to open the left-most door and continue that way. Drop into the water and shoot the spiderweb to the right to open the path to another chest.

Switch into Childe's melee stance to make light work of the Pyro Slimes keeping it locked. Head back out and up to staircase on your right to find the next door switch.

Teucer will hit his at the same time. The next room is filled to the brim with lasers. You can use a character like Venti to glide over these, but the true method is to follow the Ruin Guards traveling along the assembly line on your right as they cut off the beams.

They turn off completely for as long as a Ruin Guard breaks the beam. Pass the first beam, then glide to the platform right by the laser generator to grab a chest. Wait for the second beam to be cut off to run up the ramp and glide to the platform back on the opposite side. Travel up the ramp and out of the room as the third is cut off and you should be home free.

Head down the steps and free Teucer by shooting the laser generator on the wall above the gate behind and to the right. After a cutscene, you'll be How To Build A Toy Machine Shed Up thrust into a room with a bunch of active Ruin Guards while Teucer counts down from It's for hide and seek. If you can somehow beat four of these firing rockets at you in a confined space in under a minute, good for How To Build A Toy Pontoon Boat Version you.

Otherwise, just survive until the last 10 seconds and they'll die automatically, triggering a cutscene that has Childe rip them to shreds with his Foul Legacy transformation. Once it ends, you'll have to head into the room to the left to check up on him. He doesn't want his little brother to see the deflated balloon he's become by pushing his body to its limits, so he'll give you a custom-made Mr Cyclops action figure to give to Teucer and take off.

Once the cutscene plays out, grab the chest by the domain exit and you're done. It's time to head back to the Northland Bank. At this point, it's time to wave Teucer off back home to Snezhnaya, after which Childe will invite you back to his home before taking off for good himself. It'll presumably be awhile before we see him again, given Dragonspine in the next area of the map to open up as opposed to his motherland in a futute update. Genshin Impact Wiki Guide. Our online tool helps you schedule your lab tests when and where is most convenient for you.

It makes it quick and easy to:. Find a patient service center near you. Schedule an appointment and preregister to make check-in faster. Our location finder lets you see the closest patient service centers in your area. Simply choose one that works best for you. You can even see current wait times to choose an appointment time and location that works for you.

Remember to preregister when you make your appointment to get in and out quicker.

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