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There is an entire community of people who do this. Now there's another thing I want you to remember. I don't want to get Build A Toy Engine Youtube any messages saying that "we are holding our position.

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Decide what it is you want to display within the acrylic display case. This will determine how big you need the display case to be. Measure the height, width, and depth of the display item. Add several inches to the measurements to give the item ample clearance. You need to think about the acrylic display case in three dimensions. You need four sides that are identical and a top and bottom that are equal to the width and the depth of the overall acrylic display case.

Make sure you are wearing your safety equipment because cutting acrylic can spin off small pieces into your eyes or smaller ones you can inhale.

Lay the How To Build A Toy Kitchen Set 77 newspapers down on your work surface and place the acrylic sheets on top. Measure out your pieces onto the acrylic scoring the lines with a utility knife.

Use the saw to cut out the pieces. Sand down the edges when you are finished. Place one of the ends onto the work area and apply acrylic glue to the side and attach one of the other ends so that it is standing up.

Repeat with the third side, top, and bottom until you have a box without a back. Apply clamps to the pieces. Use a rag to wipe off excess acrylic glue from the inside. Apply silicone caulk to the inside of the acrylic display case along the seams. Allow the acrylic glue to cure for at least a day. Place the remaining side on top of the acrylic display case to cover the opening. Determine where you want to place the hinges and then attach them to the remaining side and the stationary side.

Once your door is attached with hinges you can stand the acrylic display case up in the orientation you intend for it to be in. Tape the door closed with a piece of masking tape.

Opposite the hinges, find the center of the door about an inch from the edge. Make a mark and do the same on the side around that corner. Melt the acrylic with the torch at the mark and quickly place a bolt. Melt the acrylic more if you need. Repeat with the side. Cut a wide slice in the leather and place the bolt through it.

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