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Обзорная статья хэтчбека Toyota GR Yaris модельного года. Отличительные особенности новой модели, преимущества перед кокунрентами. Стоимость автомобиля на рынке и отзывы владельцев.  Тойота Ярис GR — заряженный спорткар с полным приводом и турбомотором. Ярис от Тойота сейчас крепко держится в нише добротных семейных хэтчбеков по адекватной цене. Японцы посмотрели на популярную модель под другим взглядом и в году выкатывают GR Yaris. Для тех, кто далек от автоспорта, GR – это гоночное подразделение Toyota и да, автомобиль будет предлагаться дилерами для «гражданского» пользования. Содержание статьи: 1 Технические характеристики. 2 Внешний вид. 3 Салон. Хэтчбек Toyota GR Yaris RC почти полностью копирует RZ, но преподносится как заготовка для гонок. Технически они неотличимы, и мотор развивает те же «лошадки», и трансмиссия совпадает. Но в RC убраны элементы «не необходимые для вождения» (в частности мультимедийная система Display Audio). Ещё в RC другая размерность шин (/45 R17, тогда как у RZ /40 R18). Потому масса RC ощутимо меньше: кг против В оснащение модификации RS входят спортивные кресла с тканевой обивкой. Вариант GR Yaris RS самый «спокойный» в семействе. Он основан на кузове GR Yaris и, по уверению разрабо. Узнайте больше об основном и дополнительном оборудовании, возможных вариантах двигателей, размерах, оборудовании и технологии безопасности, которые предлагает энергичный Toyota Yaris Active Plus Хэтчбек 5-дверный.  cached":true},{"name":"Tridion component settings: gpel/optional","url":"www.Woodworking Air Cleaner ","success":true,"cached":true},{"name":"Cars with colours","url":"https:// www.Woodworking Air Cleaner ","success":true,"cached":true},{"name":"Packs","url":"https.

Back in the early s, rally racing saw the introduction of one of its most famous, but at the same time, infamous car categories; Group B. Pretty much all the cars in Group B were designed specifically to compete in the sport, though FIA regulations required for every manufacturer to homologate their models for road use. Nowadays, however, the World Rally Championship no longer requires homologation specials, as all the cars that compete are based on production models.

However, that didn't stop Toyota from making its own homologation special tribute car, the GR Yaris. Here are 10 yzris why this pocket rocket may very well be the car of the year.

Over the past few years, consumers have shown that three-door hatchbacks simply aren't the way to go anymore, and most new hatchback models are offered as five-doors.

Not so with the GR Yaris. Though the regular new Yaris is, bhild, only offered as build a toyota yaris gr 01 five-door model, the GR Yaris sports unique three-door bodywork, specially designed for this variation, and not available on any other Yaris model.

They don't even share any panels between them. That's called dedication. All-wheel drive is something that most people have come to expect from some modern hot hatches, but certainly not from a Yaris. It goes without saying that the GR Build a toyota yaris gr 01 is the only car of its class that's available with an AWD system and all the strengths and weaknesses that come with that.

When Toyota and their Gazoo Racing skunkworks team were designing the GR Yaris, they ran into a bit of a problem; the Yaris itself was way too small to fit the performance-enhancing hardware. They all scrambled for a solution, and eventually, they found it. As a result of build a toyota yaris gr 01 lightbulbs above their heads, the GR Yaris rides on a unique platform, that was made by fusing the GA-B architecture that the stock Yaris has at the front, but the rear end is taken from the GA-C architecture, that underpins the Prius, the Corolla, and some other Toyota models.

No other hot hatch in history has ever had to do that. An endangered species in the automotive world, the manual transmission is rare to come by these days. However, Toyota did the right thing by offering the GR Yaris with a manual transmission only. That is, the full fat GR Yaris. But if you want the full GR Yaris package, a 6-speed stick shift is the only way to go.

The GR Yaris is bred from the WRC-winning rally car, so it's only natural that Toyota had to get one of the biggest names in rallying history to dial in their early GR Yaris prototypes to make them even better, and that's exactly what they did. As well as the substantial engine upgrades the GR Yaris received, it's also been on an extensive weight loss regime. The roof is made from carbon-reinforced plastic, a material that was once used a decade ago on the Lexus LFA.

Meanwhile, the build a toyota yaris gr 01 lid, doors, and hood are all made from aluminum, and the bumpers are so lightweight, they can be easily flexed with a light finger press. It all adds up, and the GR Yaris tips the scales at around lbs, only slightly heavier than Toyota's own Normally, stuff like this is only reserved for manufacturers like McLaren.

But, amazingly, Toyota in Japan only, unfortunately offers a version of the Ge Yaris that's pretty much entirely stripped out, giving track-day goers a blank canvas to turn their small build a toyota yaris gr 01 hatchback into a full-blown race car. Like with so many other things about this car, no other hot hatchback currently available can be purchased as a stripped out, race-prepped version. A car of this caliber having an AWD system is crazy enough as it is, but the GR-Four system is way more than just splitting torque between the axles.

Rather, the driver can choose where they want the torque split at any given moment, toyoota way of three buil. Normal, Sport g Track. In Normal mode, the torque is biased towards the build a toyota yaris gr 01 wheels, meaning it handles like a normal hatchback in most cases, and Track mode splits the torque evenly, maximizing grip and cornering prowess. Of course, what would all the GR Yaris' technical achievements be without some serious performance to back them up?

Luckily, yarie car has speed and power in spades. Said power comes from a 1. That might not sound like a lot, but it puffs build a toyota yaris gr 01 over horsepower.

Any base Golf GTI. From all generations. Top speed, meanwhile, is mph. Nothing yarus, but still immensely fast for what it is. Being a three-cylinder engine, it shouldn't be all that thirsty. Not to mention, it has that little characteristic inline-three engine note that's slightly reminiscent of a six-cylinder.

Except, in the GR Yaris, it sounds quite angry. Now, that's not cheap by toyoga stretch toota the imagination, but considering that you're getting build a toyota yaris gr 01 car that can put a lot of bigger hot hatchbacks that are worth a lot more money to shame, it might be worth considering.

Not to mention, exclusivity, and that little thing called reliability, and as we've seen over the years, Toyota is quite good at the latter. It's very unfortunate that Toyota will not be selling the GR Yaris in the United States, because this is easily one of the most exciting cars they have made in the past decade. The hot hatch market is just starting to warm up in the U. S, and something as groundbreaking as this could easily take it to new heights.

As for Europe? Well, the Fiesta ST better watch out Marko started out writing for various sites on a variety of topics. His love for cars started early, being able to recognize cars on the street at a very young age. He prefers weird, unusual cars to luxobarges and sports cars. By Marko Sokolovski Published Jul 07, Share Share Tweet Email Comment. Related Topics Fast Cars Toyota. Marko Sokolovski Articles Published Marko started out writing for various sites on a variety of topics.

Remember The Dodge Stealth? Here's 10 Things You Didn't Build a toyota yaris gr 01. But Constantly Broke Down.

Toyota rate reduction offer is a limited-time offer only available to eligible retail customers who lease or finance and take delivery of select new and previously unregistered Toyota vehicle through Toyota Financial Services Canada at a participating Toyota dealer in Canada, between June 2 – June 30, , on approved credit. The All New Toyota GR Yaris is no normal hot hatch, incorporating knowledge and technology born from WRC. You're just a few steps away from building your own Toyota Gazoo racing inspired GR Yaris. Choose your grade, select your colour and browse the options all from the comfort of your own home. Configure your own Toyota GR Yaris. Choose one of the available engines, configure exterior and interior and pick up accessories that will make your Toyota GR Yaris truly yours.

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