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Is there more of a possibility of shorter pieces moving over time? Festive Ballerina Wig. Good Vibes Peace Sign Seat. What A Butcher Block Idea, have to see huild builting one. For this reason, it is the glue that we recommend for making cutting boards.

Rockabilly Girls!! This blog is meant as an appreciation of Rockabilly girls - plain and simple! Please feel free to submit photos of yourself but keep in mind that this is strictly Rockabilly!

Please check out our other blogs as well - fuckyeahgirlswearingbandanas. I bought shorts from my favorite wood shop in 7 different species of wood including some exotics. I plan on using a hand planer for the top which I have never done and then finish it off with a belt sander.

Your table top sounds like it is gorgeous! Rockler also has many locations across the country and I believe they can also do this. My brother does Harwood floors and sometimes has spare wood laying around.

It all interlocks, so is it possible to use that wood for my butcher block? It would be very thin and not have a lot of structural integrity unless you did it as an overlay on top of sturdy plywood or another material.

The hard part would be finishing the sides and ends to make them look like a solid piece of wood. I know I must sound pretty lame but new to this and I want to be sure. I wish I could give you an estimate on that, but the cost of lumber varies greatly depending on where you live and where you purchase it from. I just pulled up a board foot calculator and per your Build A Wooden Bench Seat 60 measurements, you would need about 38 board feet of material.

You can call your local hardwood store and ask them. Some also have websites where you can see the cost per board foot of lumber.

Sorry, but I have to ask, other then you glueing the boards together, what makes this a DIY? Third party ripped it, planed, cut down to size, sanded it. Rather than go into an explanation again, feel free to read my previous responses. If it makes you feel better, I did build the entire kitchen island it went on all by myself. And you have inspired many others and myself to try this ourselves.

Second taking it to your local shop for sanding and ripping was a very smart move. I think the whole point of DIY is to do as much of the work as you can safely do by yourself. No shame in asking for or seeking help when needed. Keep up the good work. Yes, I try to do as much as possible and I have many more tools now than I did when I built this, which would make it easier for me to do even more of it on my own. After 4 years, how is the table holding up in both structure warping, splitting, etc, and finish look, cleanliness, feel, etc.

Lastly, if you would do it all over again would you change anything in the process or material? It looks just like it did the day I finished it. If I were to change one thing, I would probably put a more permanent coating on it, but that would be it. Looks really great. Do you see any issues on the side where the glued pieces would overhang? I added corbels to this one to offer more support for people leaning.

After applying the butcher block conditioner on the bottom, did you wait for it to dry, then flipped the block over on the sawhorse and apply the conditioner to the top? Hi, thank you for this post. What if only hard mapple is available and can find the knotty alder, would you recommend it still? I see that you prefer the knotty alder over the mapple from your post. U did such s beautiful job on this project for ur mom she must be so proud.

I wish I could do the same however I am disabled and have 2 bad vertebraes and 2 lousy knees. But ur correct this stuff is expensive. I will just keep looking. What I did was buy a stainless steel kitchen island but when cutting on it, it is going to get it all scratched up. So hence I want a piece of butcher block for a top to protect the steel.. Thanks Katie. Article was very informative. I just attempted my first top. Wish I had found your article before. All strips were done strictly using a table saw.

But, turned out better than expected. Learned from my mistakes. I was wondering how many knotty alder did you use for your table. You can get a rough idea by using a board foot calculator. Fantastic job! You mentioned that you wished you had done a more permanent seal. What would you suggest? I wonder if those are easily rented? I would say a sealant like Rubio Monocoat would be perfect for this. It maintains the seal for a long period of time. That or a polyurethane finish. I love that you did this from scratch and shared the details.

I want to build a large island with a sink and dishwasher built under and the cost of the top would be prohibitive. Thank you for sharing your experience. Happy to be of assistance! What you said is exactly why I decided to build the top for this. It would have been far too expensive to purchase a wooden counter top at this size. Not to mention the fact that it would have to have been custom made to fit these dimensions I needed. Your mom will be so pleased with it. Thank you for sharing this.

Keep doing fantastic DIY creation. It is fun to build such things on your own but not everyone has skills and sadly I am one of them. Would Build A Wooden Bench Seat Pdf love to add this in my kitchen. No insane skills necessary! This was the first time I had built anything like this and I was brand new to all woodworking when I did. It just takes time and practice:. Your email address will not be published.

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Can you please tell me the name of the glue? Thank you for your response. Nice work though, it came out very nice and your instructions were well explained. Oh, how pretty! I love the knots, too. You did a beautiful job. I guess there is a sense of pride doing it yourself just dont feel like buying clamps Thanks for sharing. Very beautiful, thank you for sharing this. How often do you recondition the wood? Hi Rachel, Thank you for your comment. How do you clean the butcher block?

Can you use it prepare dough add well for baking? The finish boards do not look like they are an inch and a quarter. Are they?. Any tips for buying lumber and not paying an arm and a leg? Thanks so much for the post. Best of luck in your kitchen renovation!

Hi, Great tutorial. You can certainly use biscuits, but it has held strong for nearly 3 years with just being glued.

Sorry for the rant, keep up the great work. How do I find one? I am in love with this idea!!! How is it holding up now? What A Butcher Block Idea, have to see about builting one.

Very cool! Just out of curiousoty, what was the bill after materials and final finishing? Hi Katie! Shop modern home organization and storage solutions Skip listing Clothes organizers. Storage containers. Storage solution systems. Dressers and storage drawers. Bathroom storage. Services to help you shop. Online Planning Schedule a free online appointment with a kitchen expert. Learn more. Financing Options Finance your dream home with our credit cards.

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