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It's a great feeling to be able to take a project from an idea in your build your own childrens climbing frame review to a real object that does something. They spend bulid on their climbing frame, climbing, hanging, swinging and making dens. By Tiffany Wallis. Checking which kind of wood is best for building a Build Your Own Steel Frame House Visa climbing frame. Its not essential that you do this step and can use ground anchors once you have built your frame but for added safety its wise to follow this step.

Whether you want something a little bit different for your family or you just have a unique shaped garden to cater for, Play Crazy climbing frames has the solution.

At Play Crazy we listen to what our customers want from a playset and work together to produce a climbing frame which is perfectly suited to your children. Play Crazy bespoke climbing frames can be made to order so whether its monkey bars or slides that your children love, we can produce a play frame that will be best suited to them. We allow our customers to pick and choose from our climbing frame accessories such as cargo nets and monkey bars, which provide more of a challenge, to activities for less confident climbers such as a rockwall ladder or swing set.

For example if you have older children who might want a more challenging garden play frame, you can choose activities to suit their age rather than include accessories which they may not get much enjoyment from, like pre-designed playsets from manufacturers such as Selwood and Plum climbing frames may include. Older children might not get as much enjoyment from accessories like swings or a slide for example, however will enjoy playing on monkey bars or things like cargo nets leading to a playhouse etc.

On the contrary, swings and slides might be more suited to younger children or less confident climbers. Another great thing about climbing frames from Play Crazy is that you can swap and change accessories as and when your children grow out of them.

You can also start with a simple design and add accessories to keep the kids interested. Samantha was diagnosed with breast cancer in January and started chemotherapy at the beginning of February every two weeks for four cycles before starting the 12 week cycles. She said: "I found a lump in my left breast just before Christmas. Because of the timing, we had to wait for the outcome over the Christmas time which was hard.

Samantha said sometimes her goal would be to get up and put some makeup on while other times her target has been to stay away to put the children to bed at night.

The kids loved it. They were around while it was being made and were so desperate to try it. The mother posted her DIY success on Facebook and was shocked to see her post racked up over 16, likes and more than a thousand comments. She said: "I posted it about 10pm at night and went to bed. Then to wake up to 11, likes was a total shock. I think it in the end had By Tiffany Wallis. The awesome finished project Image: Tiffany Wallis.

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