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Random question but can you share the source for the little clock on the nightstand? I had already watched several videos How To Build Your Own Frame For Canvas Control on the subject. Reply Bradley Smith June 23, at pm Thanks for this. A classic presentation for canvas in easy-to-assemble aluminum. Reply thesweetbeast November 4, at am Hi and thanks! Allow the glue to set. Follow Me!

The nail is really just there to hold the frame in place until the wood glue dries. If you want, you could also use a special clamp. With the DIY floating frame constructed, it was time to hide the nail holes. At this point, I gave the entire frame a light sand and smoothed any rough edges. I happened to still have some Saman brand water-based wood stain in Dark Walnut , left over from when I refinished the legs on the velvet chair. The red oak took the stain beautifully and it only took one light application of stain to achieve a rich, dark walnut hue.

To save money, you can use whatever leftover paint or stain you have from other projects — or just buy a small sample pot. Frankly, the wood looked beautiful natural and even just a quick clear coat would have been stunning. But you could, of course, screw the shelf in from the outside of the frame, countersink the screw a little that means that the head of the screw goes into the wood a little and fill the top with wood filler.

Or you can use finishing nails. Or you can even use just wood glue. There will be some trial and error here most likely so be prepared for that. Hope that helps. Your email address will not be published. Close Menu Home. Woodworking Projects. List of All Projects. Bed: Farmhouse, Full Size.

Bed: Farmhouse, Queen Size. Bed: Farmhouse, King Size. Bed: Tatami Platform, Queen Size. Bed: Build Your Own Floater Frame Joint Tatami Platform, King Size. Dresser: Emerson 3 Drawer. Dresser: Kendal Extra Wide. Float Frame. Nightstand: Mid Century Modern. Nightstand: Rustic Farmhouse. Table: Farmhouse Style. Workbench: Moveable. You may also want to consider a right angle clamp like this. Wood screws length will depend on your material thickness. A couple optional items that you might want are: Table Saw: This is also optional and only needed if the thickness of your frame needs something other than standard sized wood.

Thank you! Love this room! Random question but can you share the source for the little clock on the nightstand? I saw it in your Instagram post initially. In case you do not know about them, these chapter books with the talented Ruth Sanderson as illustrator.

She also did a version of Goldilocks and Cinderella that are beautiful. This is Brilliant!! I really enjoyed this DIY video. By the way, the frames look amazing! This is exactly what I want for my Angel Tree canvas in my den. I think my staple gun has a nail option. This is such great timing. I was just driving into how best to create a framed canvas. If I plan to paint, would you still recommend using oak or can I use pine?

Oak it is. Beautiful wood frames. I sure wish I was handy and had a saw because I have so much art to frame.

It sure adds up. I love how the art pops off the wallpaper. It makes me want those cute bed frames to be black or something so they stand out too. I gasped out loud when I saw the photo of a girl on a horse…so hard to find! My daughter rides English and is in college for Equine Industry business degree. Its a love they never lose! Her room is adorable.

This DIY is so good! I love canvases framed! Makes them look finished and more expensive. Enjoy being here as you all remodel, bake, shop, etc. So simple yet so gorgeous! Thank you for the set-by-step tutorial — the video was really helpful! Definitely plan to try this at home! You painted the window trim!

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