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Great idea here! This cold frame has added insulation which would be great for really cold winter climate, and this cold frame with building plan has a light weight lid. This large cold frame up-cycles old folding windows in a very creative way!

This one runs the length of a stone wall, facing south : ideal spot for a cold frame, as the stone concrete works too absorbs solar energy during the day and radiates it back out at night. Deep Roots At Home. CD cases open and close, how smart! Light weight and portable, A-frame greenhouses can be covered with plexi glass, good quality greenhouse plastic or less expensive plastic sheeting such as this one!

Source: 26 A brilliant use of an old trampoline -no cutting of the steel required- just pull the frame pieces apart and there you have 2 halves of the frame. I also LOVE the use of old jugs that have been spray painted black. They are filled with water.

During the day the water heats up, and at the night, they radiate extra warmth inside of the greenhouse! Heather How Does She. The smart design makes it easy to work on the garden beds! The hoop house is framed with o. The garden beds are from 8-foot-long, 2-byinch untreated fir. More ideas on how to create a mini greenhouse or cold frame that can be opened for ventilation.

If you find it, please let me know! Barn style greenhouses are attractive and not too difficult to build. This small DIY greenhouse is fold-able!

It measures only 4 x 4 feet, disassembles in minutes with wingnuts and can be built in a weekend. These are bigger greenhouses for the ambitious! Each has great and unique ideas to learn from! This one above is built by Andy at The Green Lever , a total of 24 windows and 16 pallets were used to build the greenhouse.

It also harvests rainwater! This one by Cheft at Instructables has built in vents, fan, etc. Comes with lots of detailed Build Your Own Timber Frame House 70 instructions. This stunning blue green house from Fine Home Building shows us the magic that paints can do! Another great example from Evergreen Scotland on flicker where you can get a clear view of how to join the plastic bottles together using bamboo poles. Related article: Make a wood fired earth oven with recycled and easy to find materials.

This beautiful variation of our other straw bale cold frames, is built along the south wall of an existing shed. Gotta love straw bale construction! Source: Simplify and Save. A geodesic dome a beautiful and elegant structure. It offers stability in high wind locations, material efficiency, modular construction, optimal light absorption, and a chance of being voted the coolest backyard in town!

Related article: 12 most beautiful backyard DIY sheds made from reclaimed windows. Related article: Make a strawberry tower with recycled nursery pots! Happy building and happy growing! I hope to have a greehouse…one day. I love the pics, too! The cob oven at the end is fantastic!

I want to build one so badly. Also love the hanging squash idea! Thanks for sharing these! Oh my gosh. I have always liked the idea of green houses. They are so simple and organic. There is nothing better than growing things in your own backyard.

I never have owed a property to have one of my own. Thanks for sharing!! The gourd tunnel and the geo domes are my favorite but all of these are amazing! What a great round-up; I have pinned it for later.

Oh I just love this post. We were just talking about how we needed to do this. Following you! Wow, the cd case one blew my mind. I actually had to stare at it for a while to try and figure it out.

So creative. These are all really great ideas! I love how organized everything was in your post — and I really love your blog design, too! These are all great DIY Greenhouses. Please let me know if you come across any swing set greenhouses.

These are some great ideas for greenhouses! I think they fit with my traditional ideas as to what a greenhouse should look like. What should I be looking for in greenhouse windows? Is being double-glazed important, for example? Amazing piece of content, breath-taking images. Wanted to write an article about DIY greenhouse but with this kind of ideas who needs more!

Urdu with Arabic alphabets is widely spoken language of this country. I hope to one day build my very own greenhouse in a garden. Depending on the garden it would either be a lean on green house or that beautiful geo dome greenhouse. And of all the greenhouses of options, the most reasonable design seems Straw Bale. Its main advantage is that it gives heat plants, and this is important for the gardener. This is a nice addition to a spacious Build Your Own Rv Frame Name garden!

Thanks for the tip about the bottle mini greenhouses. This might just be the solution. Wow, I never thought about those cold boxes! Will do some more digging! Thanks for the wonderful ideas! I love the idea of repurposing old windows. I love these, the Hoop Houses look amazing and something I might have to try and create in my own back garden if I ever get the time. Oh yes! I love these ideas because my heart is into greens. This will definitely help me with my landscaping business.

Your blog provided us with valuable information. Thanks a lot for sharing. What an amazing article for gardening Build Your Own Floating Frame Type and landscaping! Thanks for all the best ideas! I really like these greenhouses because they are different in appearance but still as effective. Thank you so much for sharing these great ideas on DIY greenhouses! It will be so helpful when we start ours! These will be for clamping the material to your frame. Now, attach the fittings to your pipe as shown in the picture. As you can see the 3-Way Ls will be used on the top plane to attach the top surface to the legs and base.

The 90 degree Ells will be used on the bottom end to attach the cross members. The Slip Tees attach the front to back lateral supports to the legs. Use the longer 2. Using your leftover pipe you can even make a Small 10 inch hand frame pictured below. For this I simply used four 90 degree Ells and the leftover pipe cut into sections of 8 inches. This is handy for smaller projects or for sitting back on the couch and working on your quilt. If you have any questions about this project please give us a call.

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