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Build your own special motorcycle with vintage, special, custom made parts.  Best Practices: Even if you can endless change parts position, don't forget to start from part you want to leave behind the others like the frame and the whells to be continued. stage-classic stage-underground stage-abandoned-factory stage-desert stage-garage-open stage stageside stage-mural-vintage. Some of your creations: This website is no longer Build Your Own Full Bed Frame Table updated - info AT multitaskdesign DOT com. techTips | building your custom motorcycle frame: part 2 - bikerMetric. techTips | building your custom motorcycle frame: part 2. Svářečské Projekty Kutilské Projekty Svařované Umění Strojírenství Tips. Manual Rollover Positioners for Welding All Part Sides | Fabricating and Metalworking.  swapping triples out with less offset in triples - handling effects? If I were to swap out my gs triple clamp setup with an gse with less offset, I know I will be decreasing my trail. How/how much is this going to affect my handling?. Get 44 motorcycle After Effects Build Your Own Bed Frame King Size Guide templates on VideoHive. Buy motorcycle footage, graphics and effects from $  Browse 44motorcycle After Effects templates from $11 sorted by best sellers. All from our global community of videographers and motion graphics designers. Filter (2) & Refine.

Posted by: Trent Reker in Uncategorized 4 Comments. Here is our latest installment of techTips by Alex Chopperbuilder that he has called:. Get it? You know sometimes I make myself laugh. Please yourself! Moving on…. What is a frame? Well technically there a few different definitions around and they all tend to be filled with technobabble that seems to be designed to keep people from finding anything out about them and to make the people that write the definitions look clever.

What else is there? Well, not much once Frame Fact 1 has been established there really are only two other considerations to be taken into account. In the world of custom bikes, very often extremely radical personal taste is taken into account as well.

Therefore we need to decide what type of frame we want to build. What we are going to do for these articles is to go through the steps and procedures necessary to build a rigid chopper frame. What do we need in our shops to attempt building a frame? Skills in no particular order of importance : 1. Basic metalwork skills By this I mean the ability to use a hacksaw and cut straight and a file and file flat. Lastly, you need the ability to use an angle grinder and the various discs available including wire brushes.

TIG welding skills are outstanding and current state of the art in the bike building world. But MIG is perfectly good enough for frame building. Some things are too important to whisper. You need to be at relatively proficient and at ease with the tools mentioned above.

If you have metalwork experience but not much in tube work, a surprisingly common scenario, get hold of some cheapo scaffold or steel plumbing pipe and practice your techniques on it. Practice cutting it square and notching a fishmouth into it, practice drilling through squarely, both with the drill press and the hand held. As in all things in your workshop, common sense must prevail. Equipment : 1. It would take years to try and assess them all, so I have to leave that to you.

Tube bender This is the same deal as with the jig. By handy I really mean in the same street, if not next door. Build your own motorcycle frame effects with tools build your own motorcycle frame effects. Hand and power tools mentioned above Get a good assortment of Build Your Own Motorcycle Frame Zoom discs as well as drill bits.

Tube notcher This is not essential because there are other ways of doing it, but if the budget will run to it, get a tube notcher. Joint Jigger is a good example, although there are a few good ones out there. Then a buddy of mine got one and I borrowed it to evaluate and was sold. They are a godsend and that humble pie tasted really good! Seriously, they are very useful and most importantly they are accurate as long as you can read a tape measure.

Oh and before I forget, check out this little beauty, a tube coping calculator. You will need a printer to run off your templates, so click here for that. Have an operable fire extinguisher or two handy, safety glasses, gloves, etc. Be careful and have fun while remembering this is a positive and creative pastime and we all want to enjoy the fruits of our labors, not to mention the labors themselves.

That more or less covers what we build your own motorcycle frame effects as far as our skills and tools are concerned, but what about materials I hear you ask? Regardless, there are a few obvious differences between the average rigid frame built to take an Ultima El Bruto and running gear and a Yamaha XS motor.

Make no mistake, this is pretty serious structural tube. Especially when we look at what the factories are using on their frames. The really big difference that none of us can see is that no manufacturer uses seamless tubing exclusively and the wall thicknesses of some of the factory frames tubes is downright scary to see.

So why has the custom world ramped up on tube dimensions? There are a couple of reasons for this. Get with it, man! Now this worked to a degree, although handling was, shall we say….

As is our way on bikerMetric and everywhere in the custom motorcycle industry, we are constantly looking for a new angle on this and a new angle on build your own motorcycle frame effects in the name of individuality, and as the frames seemed to have been pushed to the limit, next area of attention was the engine and drivetrain, and before we knew it there were build your own motorcycle frame effects tuned diggers; turbo charged, super charged, and even multi-engined versions appeared.

In fairness many of the bigger builders only built these things as show boats and they were trailered to shows. Sadly they were build your own motorcycle frame effects and a lot of nastiness on the roads ensued! Thankfully things calmed down and the digger style died with disco. After all, it seems most engineers will tell you that the fastest way of fixing most problems is to throw more steel at it take a closer look at any Mercedes or Porsches! So what are we gonna do?

Where to start then? The first thing you should do is actually be aware build your own motorcycle frame effects what you want.

The easy way around this is to do a sketch of what you have in mind. So, on that note, and from experience you will need:.

A length is 4 metres or 13 feet. The average chopper frame takes between 6 and 7 metres of tube. It never pays to ask the supplier to cut some off a length for you. Buy the whole length, it is always the cheapest option.

But in an effort to keep it short, I strongly recommend either getting hold of or making a steering neck to Harley specifications: i. Try this; go into any Yamazukonda dealer and ask for some replacement neck bearings for any model that takes your fancy. Yeah, I know! That cost less than a pack of cigarettes! How freaky is that? I think I made my point. Build your own motorcycle frame effects, you might have to get one turned up.

But in the long run it will make life easier and cheaper to run your sickle by taking my advice here. Build your own motorcycle frame effects easiest way is to order a pair off one of the many parts suppliers online. There are many out there, plate billet, concealed nuts, square ones, oval ones, the world is your oyster. We have our tools sitting there waiting for us to get all medieval on the steel.

We have the steel tube and various other parts and pieces quivering over in the corner knowing that they are going to get seriously slapped about and mutilated very shortly. Stay tuned for the next installment, where we get into reshaping the steel into the image on our cocktail napkins! Tagged with: alex chopperbuilder building your custom build your own motorcycle frame effects frame frame jigs techtips. Well I was just curious where you took my frame jig picture from?

Build your own motorcycle frame effects email address will not be published. Yes, add me to your mailing list. So, where to start on our bike build? Logically, starting with the frame makes sense. Trent Reker. Previous: interview with jason lajkov of vintage customs. Anonymous March 20, at pm. Tony keating March 6, at pm.

Great site for us budding bike builders, keep up the good work. Jerry L. Rasmussen June 16, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Apr Build Your Own Interior Door Frame 55 25,  · HAND-BUILT: Motorcycle Frames, Part 1 of 5. A look at how to approach a frame build and why you’d want to tackle a build in the first place. By Bradley Adams. April 25, More Lifestyle. Jul 14,  · Find blueprints and follow them very carefully to build your own motorcycle frame successfully. Each type of frame (chopper, sport bike, etc.) has a very different shape and therefore carries the load of the rider, stress of the engine and weight of the parts much differently. How To Build A Motorcycle From Scratch With Not Much Money.

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