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Picture frame moulding is a little different from standard trim moulding. It has a rabbet at the back, which holds the glass, matt board, artwork and backing board. This gives it an L-shaped profile.  A third option is to scroll a small bracket and hinge it to the back of the frame. However you do it, framing your own pictures is fun, economical, and yet another outlet for your artistic impulses. BILL PERRY. After decades of being a kindly old Geppetto, quietly making shavings, Bill is being dragged kicking and screaming into the digital age by Canadian Woodworking Magazine. Related Articles. Build an Interior Door. Home Improvement: Building a set of doors is a great way to customize the interior of your home. You can eliminate that problem by making your own wood frames.  If you want the canvas to sit inside the frame on a lip of wood, simply router the inside of the frame before assembling it so that it has a small ledge. Adjust the frame measurements to accommodate the width of the lip. This holds the canvas flat against the frame, not inside it. The lip also serves as a holder for cut glass to fill the frame when you want to frame watercolor pictures under glass. Glue and Nail. Glue and nail the frame together so that its front faces down on your worktable.  Ron Hazelton: How to Build a Picture Frame. YouTube: How to Make a Small Wooden Picture Frame. Popular Mechanics: 6 Workshop Router Secrets: DIY Guy. you may like. Picture frames can be made of many materials. To make traditional wood frames, go to a home store's moulding area and find the kind called "picture frame moulding." It will have an area hollowed out in back, forming a recess to hold the artwork. If you don't like the selection of picture frame mouldings available, look at other mouldings in the area – you can often turn a piece of moulding into picture frame moulding by adding an extra narrower piece in back to form the recess.  To glue your frame together, put an even coat of wood glue onto two adjacent sections of moulding, and slide them into the two sides of the corner clamp. Clamp them securely in place so there's a little pressure on both sides. This will ensure a good joint.

For Christmas a few years ago, I built my Dad a custom picture frame for a print he had gotten after someone in his family passed away. Dad had kept that print in a spare bedroom for a while with intentions of getting it framed but it was there for so long that I think he kind of forgot about doing anything with it.

This is a semi-advanced way of making frames. This post contains affiliate links. Please see disclosure policy for details. Your picture frame size will depend on the size of the picture you are framing and the size of the mat that you want. First, you need the dimensions of the picture you are framing, the width of the mat you want around the picture, and lastly, the width of wood you want your frame pieces to be.

Then the formula for your board lengths is:. But you can buy 1x3s off the shelf for this as well. I adjusted the miter angle on my miter saw to 45 degrees and cut 2 pieces build your own picture frame wood mac miters NOT parallel so that the total length long end to long end equaled the width from step 1. Then I cut 2 pieces the same way, but with length equal to the height from step 1.

They need to align perfectly or your DIY picture frame will be crooked or unsquare. You can get more details on this in my DIY cabinet door post here. Just make sure that you always line up the jig in the same location on each piece. Glue ups are always a little stressful. So it is handy to have a second set of hands for this if possible. I applied glue to one corner at a time to give me time to get everything together. I glued each corner, and made sure to get some into the holes and inserted the dowels.

Then squeezed together the best I could. You can see in the video I shared above that I started on one corner and worked my way around. Once all the dowels are started into their holes, I used long pipe clamps to help me push everything together really tight and to help make it nice and square. Once the glue was dry, I gave the corners a good sanding to get rid of any leftover glue from squeeze out, then put a Roman Ogee router bit into my router and went along the outside edges to give it a little decorative detail.

This is totally optional. You can leave your edges plain and square OR use something else besides the Roman Ogee. But side note: when routing edges like this along the outside, go counterclockwise. For more information on routers and build your own picture frame wood mac to use them, check out this router guide. If you think of this print as a sandwich, it would go glass in front, mat board and print in the middle, and backer board on the back side.

For this, I used a rabbeting bit in my router. NOTE: route the inside edges here clockwise. The thing about rabbeting bits is that they makes rounded corners. So I used a chisel and carefully squared my corners.

OR, in hindsight, you could route these rabbets prior to assembling to avoid having to use a chisel here. Now the frame itself is finished except for actual finishing—paint, stain, poly. I polyed mine with three coats of Polycrylic. While it was drying, I cut the mat board. The last thing that needs to be done is cut the mat board. You can buy mats in standard build your own picture frame wood mac precut at any craft store or even online.

I traced out and cut the board the overall size the mat board needed to be to fit inside the rabbet from step 6. Once the opening was cut, I taped the corners of the print onto the back of the mat so that everything was lined up and it would stay that way. I ordered a piece of picture frame glass from my local glass place so that it would fit into the groove cut from step 6.

If it is too big, you will need to chisel out the frame until it fits. And that stinks, so avoid it if possible haha. So instead, Dad had two small eye screws and some metal frame hanging twine.

We put one eye screw in each side of the frame and build your own picture frame wood mac the twine between the two to hang. Making custom picture frames is really a fairly simple project once you get your measurements figured out and it could save you HUNDREDS of dollars vs buying a build your own picture frame wood mac built frame. Facebook Instagram Pinterest YouTube.

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Wood picture frame mouldings in lengths to cut and join yourself. Hundreds of styles to choose from. Available in lengths and quantities from 4 feet to 96 feet. Name Your Own Price For Picture Framing; The Wood Used in Our Picture Frames; Framing 4 Yourself. E: info@www.Woodworking Air Cleaner P: www.Woodworking Air Cleaner Spectrum Dr. Making a Wooden Picture Frame: One of the first projects many beginner woodworkers build is a picture frame. I've been making sawdust for a few years now, but I can't recall ever having made one myself. So for Christmas just gone, I decided to make one for my wife as a gift.I too.

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