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Quick view Details. Use a metal file to remove any rough edges. Continue this for all 4 sides, Build Your Own Frame Clamp Group taking care to make even cuts. Part 1 of I measured my window, created the frames and before oown them tried to fit them into the opening. This will wedge the screening into the frame. I am redoing my screened in porch.

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Janine Jeske says:. August 10, at PM. Monica says:. April 24, at AM. Marg says:. You save. No reviews yet Write a Review. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Share This Article. Product Videos. Custom Field. You May Also Like Quick view Details. Once the file reaches the end of the aluminum, lift it up and bring it back toward you. Whenever possible, secure your aluminum in a vice grip to keep it stable. Connect the upper and lower window corners with 4 corner inserts.

Push the frame pieces into the openings of the "L-shaped" plastic or aluminum frame corner inserts. Make sure that the spine tracks in the corners align with the tracks on the frame pieces. Purchase them from home hardware stores separately or in window screen packages. Part 2 of Build Your Own Door Frame Data Purchase screen spline with charcoal fiberglass for the best results.

Spline can be purchased from home hardware stores separately or in window screen packages. Window screen packages will provide you with the appropriate spline for the provided aluminum pieces. But if you purchase your spline separately, make sure its width matches the width of your frame's spline groove. Place your aluminum framing onto a flat surface and hold it steady.

The aluminum framing is soft metal and very flexible. It can easily be warped and ripped from the screening—hold it firmly against a flat surface and make sure all of the edges are parallel. Lay the screening material straight onto the frame. While holding the frame firmly against a flat surface, lay your screening down over it. The screening should be 1 to 3 inches 2. Cut the screening material 1 inch 2.

Pull the screening tight, first in the length and then in the width. Take care not get a warp in the frame or waves in the screening material. Now, use a standard pair of scissors to cut the screening approximately 1 inch 2. Part 3 of Press the wire screening material into the frame channel with a spline roller. Feed the spline through the spline roller starting from the back concave to the front convex. Roll the front spline all the way around the front circular leg.

Now, starting in the corner of the frame, push the front circular leg down the frame channel, making sure that the back leg follows behind.

Continue rolling the spline in to the other end of the frame, keeping both legs straight the whole time. Press firmly down onto the mount to keep it steady as you drag the spline roller through the frame channel. Pull the screen material tightly away from the frame as you move the spline roller. Press the rubber spline into the frame with the back end of the spline roller. Remove all of the spline from the roller.

Now, with the back concave end facing forward, roll the mouse wheels along the channels to ensure all of the spline is firmly in place. This will wedge the screening into the frame. Cut the unnecessary screening carefully off with a utility knife. Pull on the excess spline away from the frame.

Place the utility knife at a degree angle and pull it along the frame outline right above the spline. Continue Build Your Own Go Kart Frame Lyrics this for all 4 sides, taking care to make even cuts. Turn the window screen with the spline facing inside your home. Before mounting your window screen , position the spline inside your home. In addition, make sure any spring clips face upward to fit into the top window slot.

Be sure the spline is firmly connected to the aluminum frame before installing it in your window opening. Michael Fox Window Repair Specialist. Michael Fox. Yes, if you're trying to replace a damaged screen, but the screen frame is okay, you can just rescreen it. Just be sure to keep the black spine that goes all around the edges—that's what keeps the screen mesh in. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Buy a roll of screen mesh that matches the frame.

Roll the new mesh over the top of the screen frame, then take the old screen spline—which looks like a long cord made of rubber or foam—and push it into the track of the screen frame. That will wedge the screen into the track. Take a length of wood with a thickness that is equal to or less than that of the frame pieces that you have just cut.

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