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Learn More. Complete Purchase Update Payment Cancel. The cast members see him off with a group-unity session. Recently added camp woodward season 1 the DC shoes amateur skate team, Berronte is also sponsored by Primitive Skateboards. Jovon finds the music studio at camp and makes some music to compliment his shred lifestyle. Season 7 0 sources.

Yellow team barely pulls off a win, and is shocked to learn that one of their strongest members will soon be leaving. Chad chooses Laroy as a replacement, and camp owner Gary gives Black team the option of trading a team member — which upsets the opposing Yellow group.

Both teams have a great session on the mini-mega during a bonus challenge, but Chad later injures his shoulder and risks blowing his shot at Dew Tour. Video Disaster! The two teams enlist expert builders to help them design and construct two skate obstacles. The challenge will end in a lavish premiere on the last night of camp. Todd gets right to work filming, while Zane takes a mellow approach.

During the next challenge the Black team pulls out a much-needed win. Ray shows poor sportsmanship by going overboard with energy drinks, but during the next challenge, he rebounds and helps usher his team to victory in Dodgeball. Todd continues to make headway on his video while Zane decides that he'd rather spend the time skating. The cast members see him off with a group-unity session.

Season 4 cast member Chad arrives just in time to replace Lucky's spot on the yellow team. For their second challenge, the two teams square off at the Snake Run. After Alex loses the final showdown we see that his skating ability is way ahead of his maturity level. Jovon tries to rally his team by silk-screening some team uniforms complete with the black team logo. They are shocked to learn that camp owner Gary Ream has divided them into two teams that will be go head-to-head in a series of competitive events.

During the first challenge they create a brand and must tag it on the cabins. The cast members ignore camp rules and run wild; Lucky is caught smoking; and the cast members need of a wake-up call.

Chad wants to learn a flair before he leaves camp and seeks out some guidance from some respected pros. Alex starts picking up some bad habits from Sean and the two end up getting into a fight which ends up with Sean's bike at the bottom of the camp pool. Lucky struggles to reach the skating goals that he has set for himself and ends up going head to head with the counselors over a breach in safety rules. Chad's competitive side is reignited and he becomes a rider unleashed, winning multiple competitions at camp.

Lucky's repeated disobedience results in his board being confiscated and having his skating privileges revoked. Camp Woodward. Arrow Left. Arrow Right. Choose Your Camp. Weekend Getaways Come experience the magic of Woodward with your family and friends! Find Out More. Follow Us. Shop Woodward Merch Forgot to grab a souvenir at camp? Shop Now. Learn More. Which Location?

By checking this box, you agree to the receive news, updates, and promotions from Woodward via email. New Friends and Old Habits. Temper, Temper. School is in Session.

Life Lessons. The Big Finale. Watch as Tony, Miles, and Tyler develop their passions at the world's best skateboard training facility. Spend the summer with a new breed of skateboarding stars and join in on the times of their lives. Unlimited Watch Now streaming access to over action sports movies, TV shows and more. Sign In. Purchase Complete! Order Expires Total Paid by. Complete Purchase Update Payment Cancel.

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