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Architect Liam Denny, and his partner Mark Camillin also an architect spent seven months building their cedar-clad, timber frame home in a hoouse tree can you build your own timber frame house ylur Devon. Find out more about planning permission in our guide. On a side note, truly ambitious individuals may choose to go the all hand tool route, and after cutting timber, hew the wood with a broad axe. Hamill Creek offer a choice of Douglas fir, spruce or western red cedar for their timber frame kits. Find out all you need to know about the practicalities of extending a houseincluding costing, planning and design uouse our essential guide. The Lock Up Timber Frame Shell Kits have all of the above, plus; wall and roof enclosures and; windows and exterior doors. Plus, you could win a Security bundle from Yale.

They have a diverse selection of floorplans and layouts on their website which you can adapt or customize, or start from scratch and design your own home. This company is based in the US but they have designed and built homes internationally including in the Mediterranean, Taiwan and Australia.

All of the trusses are fit by hand in their shop, and pre-drilled for the steel pins which hold the sections together. There are some questions you may want to ask the company before you commit to having them complete your kit. These are dependent on exactly what you are after. Q: Will you deliver to my area? Q: How much will the provided goods and service cost me? Q: What do I need to do to prepare the site? Q: What does your company do to be considerate of the environment?

Once you have taken time to reflect on what you want from your build, or what you are willing to put into it, you can start to pick and choose a company that will meet your needs. Always check their reputation first , in both the fields of customer service and of the build quality provided.

Remember that the company you choose is working for you, and with you. Rather ask too many questions than get started without fully understanding what you have signed up for. Have you already used a timber frame kit? Let us know how it went in the comments below. Your email address will not be published.

Name required. If so, you can extend without planning permission. Don't proceed without the go ahead from the planning department of your local authority, and expect it to be harder to extend without planning permission if you live in a conservation area or an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Find out more about planning permission in our guide.

Lightweight : Timber weighs relatively little, making it a good choice for an extra loft storey. Ground-level foundations will be less costly to build, too.

Goes up fast : The lightweight nature of the construction system means large modules made off site can be delivered and assembled quickly.

Practical for small sites : For a house with limited space for building work or storage, off-site manufacture of big components will be useful. Versatile : It lets you create large spaces, galleried ceilings, and rooms with character if you choose to show off the beams. Outside, the building can be clad in different finishes to blend or contrast with the rest of the house.

Space efficient : Combining a timber framework with a lightweight wall cladding like timber, tiles or render on boarding can reduce wall widths, adding to internal floor areas. Eco credentials : Sustainably produced timber matched with high-quality insulation and double glazing creates an energy-efficient space.

The void between the timber studs can be filled with insulation, so the panels can achieve a high degree of energy efficiency in a relatively slim wall. Time efficient : While the components are being made off site, groundworks can be completed. Insulation can be factory fitted prior to construction, too, saving more time and waste on site. Green oak frames shrink, so must be detailed correctly to avoid problems in the future. Some timbers, such as oak, have limitations with regards to spans, and you may need to introduce materials like steel to get the layout you want.

The company you choose may offer various levels of service, from simply providing the frame, to taking on the entire build, including project management. They may have an aftercare service, too, covering snagging and structural warranty. This modern timber-frame extension, by Fraher Architects , is clad in a recycled scaffolding board timber rain-screen. If you do opt for a seamless extension, make sure it mimics the original design elements of the house, such as the roof pitch, materials and mortar colour.

Timber extensions are infilled with prefabricated panels, which can be clad in materials like timber, render and brick slips, or you might prefer to show the frame.

This is the perfect opportunity to show off exposed beams. Tall ceilings will make rooms feel bigger, too, an impression you can enhance further with large glazed doors to the garden, rooflights, a roof lantern or clerestory windows. The quality of the work was good, especially given the price.

Our timber frame workshop instructor Tom Cundiff was very surprised by the quality, especially given the price tag. The most unfortunate thing in our situation was the sheer wait — we placed our order in March, and barely got the timbers cut in time for a mid-June workshop date!

It took call after call after call to ensure that our sawyer was working on getting our order fulfilled. The sawmills in this area are mostly set up to cut wood for pallets yea, I know… , and custom orders at this particular mill were a sort of second priority. I really had to hassle the sawyer to get our stuff done. It was also somewhat challenging to specify particular species of wood for particular timbers.

Next time, I would place the order even earlier to ensure that we are able to meet our deadlines without stressing ourselves out as much. It would also have been nice to know where the trees were felled, but at this particular mill, they have almost zero connection to where the wood is sourced.

Again, I would not specifically choose this situation — in fact, it felt like a major compromise, but given the lack of sawmill choices in this area, it was all we could do to be able to build our house. In , I launched The Year of Mud while building my first cob house. In , we Build Your Own Timber Frame House 70 started offering Natural Building Workshops , so you too can learn essential hands-on skills to build your own natural home.

Two thoughts: First, consider a chainsaw mill—ideal for making timbers. The major downside of a chainsaw mill is the huge kerf it cuts — not a problem when just squaring round logs into timbers. Also, they are inexpensive enough to be worth the investment in house building. Second thought: As I understand, it is preferable to include the heart of the tree in the timber you are cutting, to reduce checking, bending and warping as the green timber dries. Hopefully you can find a sawmill who can accomodate that request as well!

Figure out how you will acquire your timbers… early!

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