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Kits for 72", 60" or 48" Decks Kits for 52" Decks. You can carbice to www. I love messing around with my lathe and wood turning projects because I can focus on one thing, learn a new trade and enjoy the peaceful time it takes. Open carbide woodturning tools uk inc Saturdays by appointment only. Ideally suited to straight plunge cuts and removing wood quickly and efficiently. Remember, no sharpening.

Half Face Mask with P3 Filters. Sovereign Texturing Tool Set. See the Excelsior Range. Find out about Yorkshire Grit. Glass Tea Light Holders. See the Glass Tea Lights. Chestnut Products Cut N Polish. Skeleton Clocks. Simon Hope Pro Sander Deal. Wood Wax Olivers Woodturning Gift Cards.

Powdered Fillers. Open most Saturdays by appointment only. At Olivers Woodturning we supply woodturners in the UK with high quality woodturning tools , wood finishes and turning blanks from leading brands. Woodturners everywhere can trust the products and services that we offer. We only supply products that we would use ourselves.

So, why buy from us? As a woodturner myself I understand the products that we sell and the importance in the quality and reliability. More importantly, the after sales service we offer at Olivers Woodturning is second to none.

We want to build a strong reputation amongst our fellow woodturners, so we only supply woodturning tools from manufacturers that follow the same work ethic. On our website you will find the woodturning tools that you need to turn and finish your turnings to the highest standard, but we are always on the search for new products that could enhance our work in the future.

All available online or in our Kent based Woodturning shop. We want to be more than just another shop; we want to encourage woodturning to all ages, and to help build a community for all woodturners to share. Our online club includes a forum where you can chat to other members, show off your latest work or ask for advice, so come and join in and become a part of Olivers Woodturning.

We will be running club competitions and passing on as much information as we can find. There will also be special offers for club members; those who contribute the most will receive the most in return!

At Olivers Woodturning we hope to form long lasting customers and friendships, with a common interest in the art and craft of woodturning. Call: In another time, when money was falling out of my pockets I probably would not have thought about building things for my own use.

Turns out that being sick for the last 15 years or so has left me penniless, we have a house, we have food and we have each other. I told someone the other day, I have lived life with an abundance of money and have experienced complete destitute, no money, no food, sick and no doctors willing to help you get better. Turned out I was lied to, had a partner who stole from me and in times where no man left behind means integrity to those we serve with, this guy my partner did everything he could to make all the liability to land on me.

Enough said about that. Just let it be said that although money should not be the focus of your life, having money gotten thru smart hard work can provide a lifestyle that few know. Just met the guy, we knew nothing about each other but he donated his time to help me put together a house from a pile of ruins …. I will forever be indebted to him!

I was able to start over. But when you find yourself in a position to move forward in your life or project, you need to grab the bull by the horns, learn some new things, experiment and give it a shot. Cheap woodturning tools are good for one thing that I can say from experience.

You can learn how to properly sharpen a woodturning gouge or chisel and not fear that you are going to ruin your dollar wood-lathe gouge!

Woodturning is one of those hobbies that might look like it would be pretty easy and cheap to get into and get started. Or you could spend over bucks a gouge to discover the difference. This approach has one problem, if its one of your first gouges you will probably ruin it at some point, whether the sharpening or thru misuse. Check out my post on where to buy woodturning tools and equipment. So, my advice would be to start with a cheap set of tools and then buy the more expensive tools on a one by one basis, learning the ins and outs of that tool.

Are you handy, do you have basic wood turning and woodworking skills, do you have some knowledge of steel and how to work with it? Recently a set of tools has entered the market that looks like a standard wood lathe chisel or gouge, but in reality it simply has a carbide insert cutter screwed into the end of a length of steel. You can go to www. I wish I had tried these before I invested in my expensive sharpening system.

These tools look just like a standard gouge except the end accepts a square, round, or diamond shape carbide wood cutter screwed to the metal shaft. They stay sharp much longer than standard tools, they come in a variety of widths, they can be resharpened…. Remember, no sharpening.

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