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Carpenter bee damage is unique. I assume that carpenter bees were named for their affinity for wood, because they do love to chew it up. They are drawn to the wood around your home such as the soffits and eaves of your home, your deck, playsets, wooden decks, and other unfinished wood. For instance, if the bees tunnel into railings on the porch or balcony, making it weak, an individual to tries to rest on it or sit will be the victim of the damage caused by carpenter bees. Carpenter bees also cause unsightly stains as a result of the nest creation process.

May 31,  · The number one rule in stopping carpenter bees with success is to never leave wood surfaces bare. Carpenter bees prefer untreated and unstained wood more than anything else. And nothing keeps them away faster than a fresh coat of paint or stain! Keeping wooden structures painted or stained is the first line of defense against carpenter bees. Generally, carpenter bees prefer soft, unpainted and untreated wood. Cedar, redwood, cypress, and pine are typical woods they could drill into. It’s best to use preventative measures in the spring, before they have started nesting. Your best line of defense to prevent an . The best way to repair wood damage caused by carpenter bee and to prevent them from nesting in your wood is by plugging and filling Carpenter bee holes. But first, you need to check for; The location of all carpenter bees’ nest around your home The eaves and dormers on your roof.

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